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Best Betters Batteries on Hybrid Buses

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Best Hybrid Batteries Cites $40K Savings on One Vehicle

“By performing important preventative maintenance on the battery packs,” says Shorewood, Ill.-based Best Hybrid Batteries, a customer operating transit vehicles with Allison parallel hybrid drivelines was able to stave off battery replacement on the vehicle, saving some $40,000.

At work on a Champaign-Urbana MTD bus.

The Allison-drive buses have original NiMH/nickel metal hydride batteries. The operator is the Chicago area’s Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District.

Best says it “helped the transit district save over $40,000 compared to the cost of purchasing a new battery in order to keep the bus operational,” states a release.

50% Loss of Capacity Reversed

Best says it serviced several hybrid bus battery packs removed from a GM-Allison hybrid bus with approximately 250,000 miles and eight years of service.

The packs were removed at the bus district after the bus started having battery performance issues, Best reports. Best took the packs to its facility for analysis, revealing that the issues were caused by over 50% loss of energy storage levels compared to new, with corrosion across terminals and contactor plates.

Best developed a custom procedure “that returned most of the lost energy capacity and restored all of the corroded surfaces to new condition.

‘For Years to Come’

“By implementing these preventative services before battery failure occurs, bus fleets can maintain their costly hybrid batteries in operational condition for years to come at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new unit,” the company says

“These results strongly suggest that a preventive maintenance plan using our unique restoration approach can be extremely valuable to bus districts by keeping their costly hybrid battery packs in operational condition instead of replacing them,” Best founder Michael Bradley says in the company announcement.

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Source: Best Hybrid Batteries with F&F follow-up

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