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Neste-CLP Car Makes Its U.S. Crossing

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Superlite Car Averages 67 Miles per NEXBTL Diesel Gallon at 68 MPH,
As Sponsor Golden Gate Readies a Retail Program for Renewable Diesel

Just 37.6 gallons of renewable NEXBTL renewable diesel from Finland’s Neste Oil powered a CLP Motorsports Superlite Coupe with 1.9-liter Volkswagen TDI engine from Atlantic Beach, Fla. to Santa Monica last week.

Champion driver Tanner Foust and Pat O'Keefe of Golden Gate Petroleum with the CLP Motorsports Superlite Coupe in Santa Monica this past Friday at the completion of a 2,507-mile trek using just 37.6 gallons of Neste Oil's NEXBTL renewable diesel.

Champion driver Tanner Foust and Pat O’Keefe of Golden Gate Petroleum with the CLP Motorsports Superlite Coupe in Santa Monica this past Friday at the completion of a 2,507-mile trek using just 37.6 gallons of Neste Oil’s NEXBTL renewable diesel.

The crossing was sponsored by Neste and by Martinez, Calif.-based Golden Gate Petroleum (F&F, June 14), which will start selling the Neste product on a retail basis under its new NexGen Fuel program late this summer. Golden Gate operates some 55 cardlocks and filling stations in California and Nevada, says Golden Gate VP and CLP Motorsports president and CEO Pat O’Keefe.

Golden Gate has moved upwards of a billion gallons of conventional biodiesel over the past decade and a half, O’Keefe says, but has shifted its emphasis to Neste’s renewable diesel. NEXBTL is made via a refinery process using renewable feedstocks instead of petroleum feedstocks. The resulting product is chemically identical to petroleum diesel. NEXBTL is made at Neste facilities in Finland, The Netherlands and Singapore.

Pricing on a Par with Petroleum

“We’ve sold 45 million gallons just in the last two years,” O’Keefe told F&F. “There’s been zero complaints. Zero issues. The volumes every month are increasing.”

NexGen_logoNeste takes advantage of carbon credits and other incentives to keep prices competitive, he says. The result is pricing “very competitive to petroleum. It’s within one or two percent.”

O’Keefe names Green Team (refuse trucks) and Central Concrete, both of San Jose, among his renewable diesel customers.


The just-wrapped cross-country trip “was a historic accomplishment of car, men, and a remarkable renewable diesel fuel,” state a Neste release. “This was the first time that this type of trip was driven using a fuel that is made exclusively from bio-based raw materials.”

The 2,507-mile journey took a total driving time of 37 hours and 2 minutes in the CLP-engineered and developed Superlite Coupe. The SLC consumed 37.6 gallons of NEXBTL renewable diesel – “yielding an amazing average fuel consumption of 66.7 miles per gallon.


“It is estimated that the use of NEXBTL in the SLC resulted in a GHG reduction of about 75% compared to a journey being done with a ‘regular’ car running on petroleum diesel,” Neste said.

Neste’s NEXBTL meets the requirements of ASTM D-975, the U.S. fuel standard. It is a “drop-in” fuel that is compatible with all diesel engines and does not require changes to the distribution network, Neste says.

Crossing the 'finish line' in Santa Monica

Crossing the ‘finish line’ in Santa Monica

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Source: Neste with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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