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1.008 to Celebrate Nat’l Hydrogen Day

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Honda Pledges New Clarity Car, DoE Pledges $30 Million

Advocates of hydrogen as a vehicle fuel and hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric drivelines are gearing up for tomorrow, October 8, as National Hydrogen Day, “aptly chosen,” says the U.S. Department of Energy, for hydrogen’s atomic weight of 1.008.

CHBC Sacramento Summit October 4-6

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Speakers Announced for Cal Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit

The California Hydrogen Business Council is gearing up for its 2016 California Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit, taking place at the California Environmental Protection Agency headquarters building in Sacramento October 5-6. CHBC Member Day, with committee and sector action group meetings, is October 4.

Impco Offers GFI Hydrogen Tank Unit

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Integrated Tank Valve Regulator Available Globally

Westport’s Impco Technologies unit is offering a new Hydrogen Integrated Tank Valve Regulator under its GFI brand. The 350 bar/5,000 psi H-ITVR is available for global markets.

CHBC Plans Ports Hydrogen Workshop

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Los Angeles Event for Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Solutions
As a New Report on Fuel Station Financing Is Released

The California Hydrogen Business Council will host a one-day workshop on available hydrogen and fuel cell solutions to meet the emissions reduction goals of ports on November 10.

CHBClogoThe gathering at the Banning’s Landing Community Center at the Port of Los Angeles is to feature presentations from port authority officials, terminal operators, trucking companies, and hydrogen and fuel cell technology providers. It will include tabletop exhibits.

Separately, CHBC has released its official report on the two-day Financing the 101st Station workshop held this past June in Pasadena. CHBC convened 28 experts who discussed their experiences related to financing, fueling station models and automotive plans for FCEVs – fuel cell electric vehicles.

‘The Market Has to Evolve’

“One of the clearest results of the workshop is that the market has to evolve more for private financing to kick in and for public funding in California to end,” CHBC executive director Jeff Serfass said in a release.

“Only with a supportive national policy for vehicle deployment and infrastructure, will the nation will see the benefits of the billions of dollars invested by private industry,” Serfass said.

CHBC Fall Meeting in Sacramento Next Month

“We can’t expect each state to provide the kind of funding being applied in California, and there is a limited future for FCEVs in the U.S. if they are sold only in California.”

CHBC's fueling station finance workshop this past June in Pasadena.

CHBC’s fueling station finance workshop this past June in Pasadena.

“Eventually,” states a CHBC report summary, “station economics will become sufficiently interesting to attract private capital, but that will take a number of years, even in California.”

CHBC’s annual fall California Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit will take place October 5-6 in Sacramento California. The fall CHBC Summit will be preceded by a CHBC member day, with committee and sector action group meetings on October 4.

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Source: CHBC with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

Nikola Now Plans Hydrogen for Trucks

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And Intends to Be 100% Vertically Integrated for Fuel

Start-up Nikola Motors said today that its planned line of Class 8 trucks will be fully zero-emission – they will be hydrogen fuel cell-powered.

Hexagon H2 Tanks for Mercedes F-Cell

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Type IV Cylinders for Fuel Cell/Plug-In-‘Hybrid’

Hexagon Lincoln is supplying its all-composite Type IV cylinders for the new hydrogen-fueled Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell vehicle. Each car will have two of the lightweight tanks: one in the transmission tunnel and one below the rear seats.

SunLine Puts FTA Money to Work

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$1.5 Million Grant Will Help with Maintenance & Training
For Zero Emission Buses via ‘CoEZET’ Center of Excellence

Southern California’s SunLine Transit said this morning that it will use a $1.5 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration to support maintenance and training initiative related to ZEBs – zero emission buses.

Ceres for Nissan Range Extender

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A Fuel-Versatile SOFC – Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

The UK’s Ceres Power Holdings has publicized an agreement whereby it will help develop a range extended for Nissan electric vehicles based on solid oxide fuel cell technology. Ceres Power’s SteelCell brand SOFC, the company says, “is able to work with a variety of high efficiency fuel types (including biofuels) applicable to the automotive sector.”

Toyota Takes the H2 FCV Commercial

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‘First Truly Commercial Launch of Fuel Cell Vehicles in the United States’

Toyota has been quiet lately concerning its hydrogen fuel cell-powered Mirai sedan, but has quietly placed approximately 150 of the zero-emission vehicles with customers in California, and will bring the car to the U.S. Northeast either late this year or early in 2017.

EV Rebate Planned for New York State

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NYSERDA Cites Other States Offering $500 to $6,000

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is looking for help in crafting and running an electric vehicle rebate program. The agency notes that the state legislature has directed it to develop zero emission vehicle incentives, and that the 2016-2017 budget includes money for a ZEV rebate initiative.

NYSERDA wants a contractor top assist in evaluating its options “and, if New York State chooses to pursue a rebate program, to administer such a program.”

Up to $700,000 in NYSERDA funding is available.

Click image or here for NYSERDA electric vehicles webpage.

Click image or here for NYSERDA electric vehicles webpage.

The agency points out that New York is one of ten states that have adopted California’s ZEV Program regulations, and that under a program dubbed ChargeNY it has established a goal of deploying 3,000 EVSE/electric vehicle supply equipment charging stations to support the 40,000 ZEVs required by the ZEV rules by 2018.

EVSE Support Is in Place

But, “While New York State has worked to break down market barriers to ZEV adoption by increasing infrastructure availability, developing appropriate supportive policies and regulations, and broadening customer awareness,” NYSERDA says, the state “has not offered rebates or other financial incentives for purchasing ZEVs.

“About ten other states offer cash incentives on top of the federal income tax credits available for ZEV purchases, ranging from about $500 to $6,000.”

Two Phases

Depending on the mix of plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles, the agency says, the ZEV regulations call for the sale of approximately 10,000 ZEVs in New York State in the next 12 months, and approximately 15,000 ZEVs in the following 12 months. “This is a steep increase from the 3,000 to 4,000 ZEV sales per year in New York State from 2013 to 2015.

NYSERDA envisions a phase one exploratory phase, during which the contractor would provide guidance on program design and methods to engage such stakeholders as OEMs, car dealers, and car buyers. During the second phase, the contractor “would implement a rebate application and verification system, raise awareness of the rebate program among key stakeholders, and conduct and analyze program participant surveys.”

Proposals under NYSERDA RFP 3239 are due May 3.

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Source: NYSERDA with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


Linde H2 for Munich Hyundai Car-Sharing

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Fifty Hyundai ix35 Cars as ‘BeeZero’ Vehicles Starting This Summer

Linde said yesterday that it would launch a car-share service in Germany using 50 Hyundai ix35s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, beginning this summer. The cars – marketed as the Tucson Fuel Cell in North America – will be available in the Munich city center and in surrounding areas starting this summer. updated April 11

TM4 for Ballard’s New FC Module

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Motor & Inverter for New Generation FCvelocity-HD7 Fuel Cell Unit

Canada’s TM4 said today that it’s supplying electric motors and inverters to be coupled with compressor units for the new FCvelocity-HD7 hydrogen fuel cell power module from Ballard Power Systems.

Ballard FCvelocity-HD7 hydrogen fuel cell power module

Ballard’s FCvelocity-HD7 hydrogen fuel cell power module

TM4’s Motive brand high-RPM motors were selected by Ballard for their proven reliability, quality and high power density, TM4 says.

“The air supply of a fuel cell is a very critical system,” states a release. “A robust, compact and efficient motor is essential to the design of a fuel cell.

Costs Have Been Cut

“The selection of TM4’s products was also driven by the cost optimization process of the development of this new generation of FCvelocity-HD power module,” the company said. “TM4 has made significant progress through its global supply chain in order to lower cost and support Ballard in the worldwide deployment of its new FCvelocity-HD7.”

“This new project has allowed TM4 to optimize our products for fuel cell module requirements, enabling our expansion into a new and promising market,” TM4 COO Robert Baril said in today’s announcement.

“We look forward to this collaboration that will certainly strengthen the relationship between our companies.”

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Source: TM4 with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

Loop Energy Offers Zero-Emission Drive

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Powertrain Combines an Electric Battery with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell

British Columbia-based Loop Energy (formerly PowerDisc Development) is promoting a new route to zero-emission heavy duty truck operation, combining an electric battery with a hydrogen fuel cell with only water vapor as exhaust.

CHBC Tech Tour at SunLine Transit

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February 12 Event Follows Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Conference

SunLine Transit and the California Hydrogen Business Council are hosting a technology tour of SunLine Transit operations in Thousand Palms, Calif. on Friday, February 12.

SARTA Breaks Ground for Ohio H2

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Air Products Fuel and Gear for $1.6 Million Station in Canton
To Support a New Fleet of Ballard Fuel Cell, BAE Drive Buses

The Stark Area Regional Transit Authority and officials including Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor broke ground yesterday on a new hydrogen fueling facility in Canton, south of Akron. The facility will support a new fleet of seven zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered buses that are to commence operation on SARTA routes late this year and throughout 2017.

ACT Expo 2016 Registration Opens

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Early Bird Discounts Until February 26 as Agenda Is Released,
EDTA, PERC and CHBC Have Committed as Co-Hosts of the Event,
EVSE/EV Charging Webinar with EDTA Takes Place on January 12

Organizers of the 2016 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo released the conference agenda today as they opened early bird registration for the sixth annual show taking place May 2-5 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Southern California.

ACT Expo 2016 is expected bring the entire transportation industry together for an expansive showcase of the technologies, fuels, policies, and organizations driving innovation and sustainability.

Don't forget that ACT Expo 2016 presentation abstracts are due February 15!

Click here to register for ACT Expo 2016. And don’t forget that ACT Expo 2016 presentation abstracts are due February 15.

Leading advanced transportation suppliers will be on hand to unveil and display today’s latest innovations and next generation technologies –OEMs, suppliers of motors, equipment and fuel, and of fueling and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The deadline for early bird discount registrations for the full ACT Expo 2016 conference and exhibition hall – fleet registration at just $325 and general registration at $550 – is February 26.

The deadline to submit abstracts for ACT Expo 2016 conference presentations is February 15.

ACT Expo 2016 is co-hosted in Long Beach this year with the Electric Drive Transportation Association, the Propane Education & Research Council, and the California Hydrogen Business Council. ACT Expo is organized by Fleets & Fuels publisher GNA – Gladstein, Neandross & Associates.

Momentum from Paris

“Building off the exciting momentum from the Paris Climate Conference, hundreds of public and private-sector organizations will convene at ACT Expo as they work to develop the transportation elements of their sustainability plans and their strategies to reduce vehicle emissions and costs,” said Erik Neandross, CEO at GNA.

“By teaming up with the leading clean vehicle technology industry associations, we are able to bring all fuels, and all advanced technologies under one roof,” he said.

Hands-On Access

ACT Expo attendees will gain hands-on access to the wide range of today’s available clean transportation solutions – including electric, hybrid, hydrogen, natural gas, propane autogas, renewable fuels, advanced efficiency technologies, telematics, and connected vehicles.

“From vehicles, to motors, equipment, fuel, fueling infrastructure, and more – today’s latest innovations and next generation technologies will be unveiled and on display,” GNA says.

Co-Located Events

“For the busy fleet executive, we provide an ultra-efficient one-stop-shop for all of the latest advanced transportation technology in the marketplace today and coming out tomorrow,” Neandross said.

The ACT Expo 2016 program will provide a platform for fleet operators, local governments, and other key stakeholders to share case studies on how alternative fuels and vehicle efficiency technologies are improving the environmental performance and sustainability of their operations, reducing costs, helping mitigate the impact of volatile petroleum prices, and driving business growth.

Organizations hosting co-located events throughout the week of ACT Expo include

  • Businesses for Social Responsibility (BSR);
  • California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC);
  • Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA);
  • National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC);
  • North American Council on Freight Efficiency (NACFE);
  • University of California, Davis; and
  • WTS International.

EVSE Webinar January 12

Can’t wait? Want to learn more about EVSE/electric vehicle supply equipment (aka EV chargers)? Take advantage of a sneak preview of the programming offered at ACT Expo 2016 by joining us for the first of ACT Expo webinar series on January 12: Shaking Things Up in EVSEs: A Discussion on Roaming, Pricing Models, Fleet Applications, and Inductive Charging. The webinar takes place at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern time.

“With electric vehicles finally moving past the early adopter stage,” GNA says, “we find ourselves confronted with major infrastructure challenges.”

The complimentary one-hour webinar, presented in concert with EDTA, “will highlight what we can expect from the electric vehicle charging infrastructure industry, including issues of ‘roaming’ and being able to pay by credit card, pricing structures, challenges and the promise of inductive charging, and fleet applications.”

ACT Expo 2016 exhibiting, sponsoring ||| ACT Expo 2015 interactive floor plan

ACT Expo 2016 Call for Papers ||| ACT Expo 2016 Contacts

at GNA for ACT Expo 2016, Alexis Wiley, 310-744-8552;[email protected]www.actexpo.com

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Source: Gladstein, Neandross & Associates with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

SARTA Ohio H2 Bus Event on January 5

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Groundbreaking for New Hydrogen Fueling Facility
Serving ‘Largest Fuel Cell Fleet Outside of California’

SARTA, the Canton, Ohio-based Stark Area Regional Transit Authority, is hosting a groundbreaking on Tuesday, January 5 for what promises to be one of the nation’s largest hydrogen fueling facilities. Taking advantage of federal funding, SARTA expects to field seven hydrogen fuel cell buses next year for “the largest fuel cell fleet outside of California in the U.S.”

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