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Visteon e-Bee at CES

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‘New and Alternative Ways of Using a Vehicle’

Visteon Corp is showing a concept car called the e-Bee at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, talking up “a vision of mobility in the year 2020.” The modified Nissan Leaf electric vehicle features “touch display-based controls and Cloud-centered profile storage… designed to be immediately familiar and intuitive for each individual user” – across all of the vehicles in the fleet.

Visteon e-Bee concept car, based on a pure-battery Nissan Leaf

“A set of preferences for each user can be stored in the Cloud and retrieved when the driver enters the car,” Visteon says. “These preferences are used to define the look, colors and layout of the display-based human-machine interaction (HMI), ensuring that e-Bee’s interface will always be immediately intuitive and familiar for users who alternate between cars.”

The technologies in the eBee “range from advanced development to application- and commercialization-ready,” Visteon says. All are fully compatible with EV and hybrid electric platforms and could be applied to private or car-share/short-term rental fleet vehicles.

Visteon e-Bee’s touch-sensitve control panel

The car is designed for sustainability, incorporating recycled and bio-based resins and natural fiber hybrid materials for its interior, with recyclable expanded polypropylene material to reduce weight.


“The e-Bee is an exercise in efficient, forward-looking design for new mobility uses,” Tim Yerdon, Visteon’s global director of innovation, said in a Friday release. “This is just the second leg of a world tour where we’re showcasing the vehicle at customer and industry events.

“The e-Bee will be the centerpiece in Visteon’s discussions with customers and partners about future technology trends and needs,” Yerdon said.

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