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ARFVT Money Meet Is Set for Irvine

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February 10 Gathering to Discuss Draft Investment Plan

The California Energy Commission will host a meeting on ARFVT, the Alternative Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology program, on February 10.

CECThe meeting at the Engineering Laboratory Facility (Building 323) at the University of California, in Irvine, Calif., will cover a revised staff draft of the 2014-2015 Investment Plan Update.

California’s AB118 statute directs the investment of approximately $100 million per year into clean and advanced fuel and vehicle technologies, and infrastructure development.

CEC has provided to date more than $420 million in program funding toward more than 250 projects.

Past CEC allocations and proposals for the next round

Past CEC allocations and proposals for the next round

For the latest installment, CEC is proposing funding “for a spectrum of project types.”

Among the standout items for fiscal 2014-2015 are $20 million for biofuel production and supply and for hydrogen fueling infrastructure, $15 million each for electric charging infrastructure and medium and heavy duty advanced technology demos, and $9 million for natural gas vehicle incentives.


CEC, Randy Roesser, 916-654-4628; [email protected]

CEC, Charles Smith, 916-654-4770; [email protected] or [email protected];



Source: CEC with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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