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Smith EVs: 700 Built, and 5 Million Miles

June 16, 2013 in Electric Drive by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Edison and Newton Models Have Logged More than 5 Million Miles,
‘Milestone Marks Transition into Commercial Manufacturing Phase’

Kansas City-based Smith Electric Vehicles is talking up production of more than 700 of its all-electric Edison and Newton trucks, which it says have together generated more than five million miles on the road. The milestone marks a transition into commercial manufacturing, the company said.

‘We do not think in terms of the truck,’ says Smith CEO Bryan Hansel. ‘We think in terms of full end-to-end fleet transformation.’

‘We do not think in terms of the truck,’ says Smith CEO Bryan Hansel. ‘We think in terms of full end-to-end fleet transformation.’

Battery trucks are gaining ground as fleet managers realize that fixed-route vehicles don’t need long range, Smith says, and understand too that when all is said and done, EVs are cheaper.

“Customers who work with Smith Electric to transform their fleets save an estimated 70% annually on fuel and maintenance during the life of the vehicle and eliminate all vehicle-based emissions,” Smith says.

An Opportunity to Save Money

“Across a large fleet this can mean millions of dollars in annual operational savings, hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel offset, and sparing the air of tens of thousands of tons of greenhouse gases.”

“We do not think in terms of the truck,” Smith CEO Bryan Hansel said in a release. “We think in terms of full end-to-end fleet transformation and all its associated benefits.”

“With these important milestones achieved,” Hansel said of the 700 vehicles and their 5 million miles, “Smith will be positioned to move fully into commercial scale manufacturing and enable electric fleet transformations around the world…

‘First Mover Advantage’ Claimed

“We have first mover advantage in a vast global market for full fleet transformation,” Hansel said. “We look forward to the future with confidence.”

Smith’s “full end-to-end approach” includes the Smith Drive powertrain, Smith Power networked battery and management system, with Smith Link networked performance data system. Smith has manufacturing facilities in Kansas City and the UK.

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Source: Smith Electric Vehicles with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


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