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CEC Backs EV Grid Integration Work

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$4 Million Available, Workshop Slated for January 7,
Projects Will Further Application of V2G Technology

The California Energy Commission, citing the state’s goal of 1.5 million zero emission vehicles by 2025, is offering to fund Applied Research and Development projects “that will advance technologies and strategies for smart and efficient charging and vehicle-to-grid communication interfaces that will provide maximum benefits to both the electricity grid and the plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market.”

EV Grid is one of the first companies to base its business on V2G technology (F&F, April 25, 2013).

EV Grid is one of the first companies to base its business on V2G technology (F&F, April 25, 2013).

“Unmanaged charging of electric vehicles could lead to an increase in peak demand,” the agency says. “Therefore technologies and strategies are needed to encourage plug-in electric vehicle drivers to charge during times when grid demand is low and/or renewable sources are abundant.

“Vehicle-to-grid technologies have the potential to support the stability and reliability of the electricity grid; however, there is still uncertainly as to how control and communication between the vehicles and electricity grid operators will work most effectively.”

EVs as Grid ‘Asset’

“Implementing smart charging and vehicle-to-grid technologies will ensure the additional demand created by plug-in electric vehicles will be manageable and mitigate adverse impacts to the grid,” CEC says.

CEC-logo“Additionally, the vehicles could potentially serve as an asset, contributing to the health and stability of the grid through flexible load control and resource management for improved grid reliability.”

CEC says it has $4 million to support the application of V2G technology to the PEV market. The agency will host a workshop on its PON-14-310 (program opportunity notice) in Sacramento on January 7. Final applications are due February 6.

Match funding is not required under PON-14-310, but is encouraged.

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Source: California Energy Commission with Fleets & Fuels follow-up 

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