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Hydraulic Hybrids for Manteca, Calif.

July 17, 2012 in Fleet Order, Hydraulic Hybrid by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

City Is Fielding Two Parker RunWise Autocar E3 Trucks

The City of Manteca, Calif. is to take delivery this year of two new Autocar E3 refuse trucks with RunWise hydraulic hybrid drivetrains from Parker Hannifin.

Parker Hannifin has publicized dramatic fuel savings on Autocar E3 trucks using its RunWise series hydraulic hybrid drivetrain in Florida, above. Now the savings are to be measured and the technology formally validated as the City of Manteca, Calif. fields two of the heavy duty vehicles.

The Autocar ACX64-based vehicles are the first Autocar-Parker hydraulic hybrids for California. They will have Labrie Atomizer sideloader bodies, also believed to be a first for the type.

Manteca is paying $409,000 each for the trucks, reflecting a price premium of about $125,000 over a straight ACX64. Manteca is getting $250,000 from the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District (Valley Air), as well as California Air Resources Board HVIP (Hybrid Vehicle Incentive Program) support.

infoWedge for Key Validation Testing

The extra money will finance in-service monitoring by El Dorado Hills, Calif.-based infoWedge to quantify the trucks’ improved fuel efficiency and hence emission reductions (a base diesel will likewise be monitored), with an eye to formal validation of the series hydraulic hybrid technology.

“infoWedge will characterize the drive cycle; monitor a 30-day demonstration of the hybrid truck; monitor and report emissions testing; and monitor long-term (6 months) demonstration to evaluate usage patterns, fuel consumptions, and maintenance needs,” Valley Air says.

“Successful implementation of this project will show the ability to reduce emissions through reduced fuel use in the medium heavy-duty diesel truck off-road category. The reduced diesel fuel use also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers overall, long-term operating costs for end users,” states an agency summary.

Valley Air expects improvements in efficiency and commensurate emission reductions of up to 45%.

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