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Mack Hybrids for New York City

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Both Parallel Electric and Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Hybrids

Following a trial of a single hybrid electric Mack refuse truck, the New York City Department of Sanitation has taken delivery of five more leased vehicles. They are TerraPro low-entry trucks with parallel hybrid electric drivetrains developed in league with parent Volvo but “optimized,” according to Mack Trucks marketing VP John Walsh, “for the specific requirements of Mack customers.”

Mack parallel hybrid electric for the New York City Department of Sanitation

The trucks have 325-horsepower Mack MP7 diesel engines – standard for the TerraPro model – and a 630-volt, liquid-cooled lithium ion battery unit Mack refers to as an ESS, for energy storage system.

“We continue seek technologies designed to improve the fuel efficiency of our heavy-duty refuse fleet,” says Spiro Kattan, supervisor of mechanics with the department.

“We anticipate fuel efficiency will be improved by about 30% compared with vehicles powered solely by a diesel engine,” says Walsh.

‘When braking, the variable axial displacement unit converts kinetic into hydraulic energy and pumps hydraulic fluid into an accumulator,’€™ Bosch Rexroth says of its HRB hydraulic hybrid system. ‘€˜During acceleration (bottom) the pressurized hydraulic fluid in the accumulator drives the variable axial displacement unit, which then works like a motor.’

The two confirm that Mack will be shipping hydraulic hybrid vehicles to New York too – 14 trucks with the HRB (Hydrostatic Regenerative Braking) driveline by Bosch Rexroth.

Focus on Carbon

“For the past ten to 15 years, we focused on mitigating poor air quality,” says Kattan. “Today we are focused on reducing our carbon footprint.” He says that his agency has been using B5 biodiesel since 2007, and that compressed natural gas remains of interest.

For CNG, however, “infrastructure is one of our biggest challenges,” as the department has no fewer than 59 different refuse truck yards accommodating more than 2,000 refuse and 800 other heavy duty trucks.

“We’re a de-centralized operation,” Kattan told F&F. “We need fueling where we exist.”

According to his department’s annual report for 2011, New York City operates 2,023 collection trucks handling some 12,000 tons of refuse per day, 365 salt spreaders, and 435 street sweepers.

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Source: New York City and Mack Trucks interviews and correspondence 

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