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Deli Express Saves with Diesel

August 30, 2012 in Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

You Don’t Necessarily Need Alt Fuel, Says ARI Consultancy

“Alternative fuels weren’t the best fit,” so Minnesota’s Deli Express and its parent E.A. Sween found other ways to improve fleet sustainability, says the New Jersey-based Automotive Resources International consultancy.

Isuzu NPR Ecomax operated by Minnesota’s Deli Express runs on diesel, but burns far less of it due to its 3.0-liter, four-cylinder 4JJ1-TC turbo diesel engine, lightweight body structure, and efficient refrigeration unit.

The key was an Isuzu NPR Ecomax diesel with a lightweight Johnson Truck Bodies shell and Thermo King refrigeration unit – described by ARI as “an innovative new truck design that could significantly improve fuel economy without sacrificing customer satisfaction.”

Fuel economy was improved by nearly 50% over conventional vehicles.

Deli Express “realized that it was indeed possible to make a positive, sustainable change with traditional fuels,” ARI says.

Isuzu, Johnson, Thermo King

Isuzu’s NPR Ecomax is powered by a four-cylinder, 3.0-liter, turbocharged diesel, the 4JJ1-TC, delivering 150 horsepower and 282 foot-pounds of torque with a high-pressure common rail fuel injector system to maximize fuel economy. The NPR Ecomax has a six-speed Aisin automatic transmission with double overdrive. Curb weight was reduced by using a thinner gauge steel frame with the same tensile strength as its heavier predecessor.

Johnson’s GuardianLT body is larger than previous designs, “yet offers unparalleled weight savings,” ARI says, with superior thermal performance reducing the amount of electricity needed to keep cargo cold.

For refrigeration, the Deli Express trucks feature Thermo King’s new V-520 RT Spectrum direct drive unit, with a design allowing “specialized thawing applications to occur on the truck rather than in a warehouse.” A slim profile roof mount condenser improves vehicle aerodynamics. The Spectrum unit uses electric standby to reduce truck fuel consumption, and “also enables rolling warehouse applications where the product is stored on the truck for later sale.” The unit uses a low amount of refrigerant too.

Fuel Savings of Nearly 50%

ARI says its supplied truck expertise and analytical tools to Deli Express. Working in concert with Isuzu, Johnson and Thermo King, the firm says it helped make sure “that the combination would ultimately yield the most significant fuel efficiency increase possible.”

Payoff? The new vehicles in Deli Express service are showing a fuel economy improvement of nearly 50%, proving, ARI says, that “it is possible to improve a fleet’s carbon footprint through weight reduction and efficient technologies while still utilizing a traditional fuel source.”

Deli Express/E.A. Sween, founded in 1955, has more than 850 employees. The firm sells more than 75 million sandwiches per year in more than 26,000 convenience stores, grocery stores, drug stores, vending and other food outlets. Deli Express route trucks provide direct store delivery in 26 states.

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Source: Automotive Resources International

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