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Gasrec Biomethane for B&Q Trucks

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‘Bio-LNG’ for 25 Volvo and 25 Mercedes Dual Fuel Trucks

The UK’s Gasrec, which produces liquefied natural gas from landfill-derived biomethane southwest of London, is talking up a new partnership with B&Q, the UK’s largest home improvement retailer. updated February 26

Gasrec is talking up placement of 50 dual fuel trucks of two different types – Mercedes and Volvo – to run on landfill gas-derived Bio-LNG for the UK home improvement retailer B&Q.

Gasrec is talking up placement of 50 dual fuel trucks of two different types – Mercedes and Volvo – to run on landfill gas-derived Bio-LNG for the UK home improvement retailer B&Q.

B&Q is deploying 50 dual fuel trucks powered by Gasrec’s Bio-LNG brand fuel, described as a proprietary blend of liquid biomethane (LBM) and LNG. “The eco-friendly fuel used to power the lorries comprises 60% biomethane, the natural green source of renewable energy produced from organic matter such as household food waste and sewage,” Gasrec says.

B&Q’s natural gas fleet is made up of 25 LNG-fueled 25 Volvo trucks with dual fuel technology from Clean Air Partners, and 25 Mercedes-Benz trucks with the OIGI duel fuel system from Hardstaff.

Another view...

Another view…

The Volvo trucks are FM Methane Diesel models, built by Volvo at Tuve, Sweden. The FM Methane Diesel has a six-cylinder, 12.8-liter D13C-Gas engine. “Fuel injection equipment is supplied to Volvo by CAP though the system is a fully-integrated Volvo solution,” says Volvo UK spokesman Nigel Hanwell.

‘Cash and Carbon’

The Mercedes trucks have 12-liter OM 457 engines, also six-cylinder, modified for dual fuel with the Hardstaff OIGI system. They have been found by Mercedes engineers to run most efficiently, and therefore eliminate the greatest amount of greenhouse gases, at about 60% diesel displacement, says Nick Blake of Mercedes-Benz UK.

B&Q, says Gasrec, is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions from business travel and haulage to 50% by 2023 (as compared with 2006-2007), and currently “is tracking at 36%, ahead of all other UK retailers in the industry, and is well on track to meet the deadline ahead of time.”

B&Q has a new Dual Stock Holding Distribution Facility in Swindon, which allows it to cut down on miles traveled. According to Gasrec, B&Q is looking to set up its own biomethane filling station there to be supplied, serviced and maintained by Gasrec.

Gasrec Is Expanding Its Fueling Network Too

Swindon is in southwest England, approximately halfway between Bath and Oxford.

“B&Q has taken the lead in utilizing what is now a widely available fuel in the UK which delivers savings in both cash and carbon terms,” Gasrec commercial development manager Doug Leaf said in a release. “The combination of B&Q’s desire to achieve its environmental goals while saving money with Gasrec’s low carbon, future-proof fuel solution is now becoming best practice amongst other retailers.”

Gasrec says it is building the UK’s first strategic fueling infrastructure for natural gas, allowing customer to fuel “at multiple locations across the UK road network.” The first Gasrec fueling site is due to open at DIRFT, the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal in Northamptonshire, this spring.

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Source: Gasrec release with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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