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Sustainability Is the Principal Goal of ‘Future of Fuels’

BSR’s Future of Fuels Spring Forum, held at the start of ACT Expo last week, included a discussion of the organization’s recently launched Sustainable Fuel Buyers’ Principles. The principles, which were reviewed during the forum, are designed to increase the availability of sustainable, low carbon fuels by signaling the magnitude of business demand, clarifying sustainability criteria needed for uptake, and encouraging partnerships with pilots and suppliers.

PepsiCo and Walmart are among the high-profile participants in BSR’s Future of Fuels program.

While acknowledging that every company has its own unique needs, BSR representatives noted that the principles were developed by BSR’s Future of Fuels members, which include companies like Amazon, UPS and Walmart, and projected continuing growth in that group.

Looking forward, BSR hopes to invite any fleet or shipper engaged on this topic to sign on to the principles. In parallel with that, BSR will be developing case studies surrounding fuel technologies in heavy duty freight.

Walmart’s ‘Project Gigaton’

Representatives from both PepsiCo and Walmart also offered company perspectives on the topic. For example, Elizabeth Fretheim, Walmart director of sustainability, outlined a private fleet of 6,500 tractors and 60,000 trailers that drive approximately 700 million miles a year on 150 million gallons of diesel.

In addition to efficiencies achieved in that fleet, she noted the recent launch of “Project Gigaton,” an initiative to eliminate 1 billion tons of emissions from the company’s supply chain.

PepsiCo and Walmart are among the high-profile participants in BSR’s Future of Fuels program.

ACT Expo 2018 – the next Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo – has been scheduled for April 30-May 3, 2018 – again at Southern California’s Long Beach Convention Center.

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