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California Biofuels and LNG Funding

January 14, 2012 in Biodiesel, LNG by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Nearly $38 Million for California Biofuels
as CEC Wants Easier LNG Fueling, Too 

The California Energy Commission has floated a Program Opportunity Notice for Biofuels Production Facilities, for which is has allocated as much as $37.69 million: nearly $13.3 million for biomethane, $12.5 million for gasoline substitutes, and $11.9 million for diesel substitutes.

The agency is willing to fund early technology development, pilot and demonstration facilities, and commercial facilities to the tune of $1.5 million, $5 million and $6 million, respectively.

Applicants must provide at least a 50% match share, and conform with other CEQA-California Environmental Quality Act requirements.

CEC has scheduled a pre-proposal workshop for Biofuels Production PON-11-601 for January 27, in Sacramento. Proposals are due February 21.

And, reasoning that more operators will deploy LNG trucks if it’s easier to fuel them, the California Energy Commission is offering $3 million to fund R&D “that reduces or removes the barriers associated with expanding LNG vehicle fueling infrastructure.”

CEC wants to improve the handling characteristics of LNG dispensing gear, as well as its reliability and durability.

‘More Heavy-Duty NGVs on the Road’

“Growth of the LNG vehicle market would be accelerated,” CEC says, “if certain technical and economic barriers (such as splash-back, freeze-up, and vapor loss problems with LNG dispensing, vapor venting during long-term storage of fuel, safety issues associated with the LNG dispensing system, overall cost of the systems) to expanding LNG fueling infrastructure were removed or reduced.

“These barriers currently inhibit investment decisions by vehicle and equipment manufacturers as well as LNG truck purchase decisions. Removing these barriers would result in more heavy-duty NGVs on the road, reducing petroleum dependence and GHG emissions.”

The agency wants to minimize the likelihood of vapor release during LNG vehicle fueling, and tackle “station-vehicle interface issues that affect station design or operation.”

CEC has scheduled a pre-bid conference for Jan. 23, in Sacramento. The deadline to submit proposals under Public Interest Energy Research solicitation RFP 500-11-503 is February 17.

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