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Biodiesel Board Lauds EPA on RFS

August 7, 2013 in Biodiesel by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

NBB Reports Too that the Industry Is on Pace for Record Year

The National Biodiesel Board is commending the U.S. EPA “for maintaining a strong 2013 Advanced Biofuel requirement under the Renewable Fuel Standard,” and notes that EPA statistics point to a record year for U.S. biodiesel production.


The EPA rule finalized this week requires that 2.75 billion gallons of Advanced Biofuel be blended into the U.S. fuel supply this year, the association says. “This target will clearly be met, and it will continue to diversify our fuel supplies so that we’re not at the mercy of global oil markets every time we fill up at the pump,” NBB federal affairs VP Anne Steckel said in a release.

“With this decision, the EPA is helping consumers, creating jobs and reducing emissions,” she said.

636 Million Gallons Through June

NBB also reports, citing EPA numbers, that U.S. biodiesel refiners produced more than 636 million gallons of fuel through the end of June, putting the industry on pace to break the previous annual biodiesel production record of just under 1.1 billion gallons.

“This is further proof that policies like the RFS are delivering,” Steckel said. “We need alternatives if we’re going to escape this cycle of price spikes in the oil markets.

“The American people understand that we need to diversify and adopt an all-of-the-above energy approach, and we need strong domestic energy policy to do that.”

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Source: National Biodiesel Board with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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