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Clean Energy Redeem: UPS in Texas

February 10, 2016 in Biofuels, Biomethane by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Sales of the Renewable Natural Gas More than Doubled in 2015

Clean Energy Fuels said today that its sales of Redeem brand biomethane, aka renewable natural gas, more than doubled last year to 50 million gallons, from 20 million gallons in 2014. Sales of Redeem have also expanded from California to an unnamed customer in Oregon, and to UPS in Texas.

Vehicles operated by the University of California, San Diego run on Redeem brand biomethane from Clean Energy Fuels.

Vehicles operated by the University of California, San Diego run on Redeem brand biomethane from Clean Energy Fuels.

Other California customers include Republic Services, the City of Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus operation, and the University of California, San Diego.

UPS is Clean Energy’s largest Redeem customer, currently fueling close to 400 vehicles in California, “and will now take delivery for portions of its delivery vehicle fleet in Texas, continuing their commitment to driving one billion miles using its alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet by the end of 2017,” Clean Energy said this morning.

UPS said it will use Redeem as the basis for liquefied natural gas in support of approximately 140 LNG tractors at stations in Houston and Mesquite.

For UPS, It’s the Environment

“UPS is committed to expanding our use of alternative fuels, including renewable natural gas, to minimize our impact to the environment,” UPS senior VP for global engineering and sustainability Mark Wallace says in the Clean Energy announcement. “Renewable natural gas turns naturally occurring methane into an alternative fuel that replaces diesel and its carbon emissions,” he said.

“Transportation leaders like UPS know that Redeem is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel that they can use in their fleet vehicles,” said Harrison Clay, president of Clean Energy Renewables. “No other fuel provider has the infrastructure network and supply to offer RNG on the scale of Clean Energy.

‘More and More Fleets’

“We believe our ability to expand geographically and add additional supply will result in more and more fleets relying on Clean Energy as their alternative fuel provider.”

The University of California, San Diego is the first university transit fleet to fuel with 100% RNG, fueling its fleet of 52 vehicles, including 19 transit buses, with Redeem.  The fleet fuels at the UCSD campus station and is expected to consume approximately 240,000 gasoline gallon equivalents of Redeem annually, Clean Energy says.

Clean Energy launched Redeem in 2013, when it sold some 14 million GGEs.

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Source: Clean Energy Fuels with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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