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Omnitek India, Omnitek America

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Omnitek Engineering (OMTK.OB), which moved last year to bring its heavy duty engine retrofit expertise to the U.S. market, this month publicized further business with India-based Tata Motors “to supply original equipment high-pressure natural gas filters for 2012 passenger vehicles, expanding a supplier agreement for commercial vehicle filter applications that commenced in 2009.”

Omnitek Pennsylvania partner Seraph Energy is helping connect the dots with an eye to converting thousands of DT466-pwered school buses to CNG

Omnitek Pennsylvania partner Seraph Energy is helping connect the dots with an eye to converting thousands of DT466-pwered school buses to CNG

“The expansion of our supplier relationship with Tata Motors reflects the rapidly expanding utilization of natural gas vehicles in India and advancements in engine technology – particularly the shift to fuel injection systems in which a coalescing filter is a critical component of a compressed natural gas system, providing 99.9 protection from solid particulate matter and oil aerosols which can damage fuel injections, carburetors and regulators,” Omnitek president and CEO Werner Funk said in a release.

Other Omnitek customers in India include Mahindra & Mahindra; Mahindra Navistar; Swaraj Mazda and Force Motors, Funk said. Delhi-based Advantek Fuel Systems is Omnitek’s distributor in India.

Demand the high-pressure natural gas filter has increased in the U.S. too, Funk said, since Omnitek received international certification in 2010 based to standards sanctioned by the United Nation’s Economic Commission for Europe, specifically UN-ECE-110R.

‘Standing in Line’

Omnitek last year named  W.W Engine & Supply as its exclusive dealer and authorized installer for diesel-to-natural gas conversion kits in Pennsylvania, thanking Seraph Energy for facilitating the deal. The partners are targeting U.S. EPA certification of an Omnitek retrofit of the 7.6-liter International DT466 engine, says Seraph chief Ed Agostinelli. There are 25,000 DT466-powered school buses in Pennsylvania, he says.

“We refer to ourselves as industrial environmentalists,” Agostinelli says. “We’re going to make a big big difference in emissions.” Customers? “I hate to say they’re standing in line,” he told F&F, “but they’re standing in line.”

Tata promoted this Nano CNG concept car at this month's New Delhi Auto Expo 2012

Tata promoted this Nano CNG concept car at this month’s New Delhi Auto Expo 2012

Funk says that Omnitek’s conversion technology offers a projected return on investment of less than two years. Omnitek’s technology has been used ex-U.S. since 2001, and there are more than 5,000 engine conversions in operation.

Omnitek has also publicized a letter of intent with San Clemente, Calif.-based Go Natural Gas “to form a strategic alliance to facilitate diesel-to-natural gas truck engine conversions through turnkey programs and services.”

“The proposed strategic alliance is intended to facilitate heavy-duty diesel truck engine conversions by simplifying the entire process, which will be enhanced by the ability to offer fleet customers the option to locate a fueling station on their property – an important consideration for fleet owners,” Funk said.

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