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CNGci Adds Type II Tanks, Branches into CNG Fueling Equipment

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“Our large Type III cylinders are well recognized in the marketplace and we are getting ready to take CNG Cylinders International to the next level – streamlining and expanding our capacity,” says company president Siggy Rivalta.

“Our strategy is to differentiate ourselves from other companies by being the only manufacturer to develop a large forged liner technology through design, and by investing heavily in research and development to offer the highest quality,” Rivalta told F&F.

CNGci'€™s Randolf Wollgiehn and company president Siggy Rivalta at ACT Expo 2012


CNGci manufactures large-volume Type III (carbon fiber on aluminum) compressed natural gas fuel cylinders. The firm showed its new 400-liter tank at ACT Expo, and its 300-liter vessel. “More and more customers are demanding additional storage capacity to maximize range,” Rivalta says – hence the demand for larger cylinders.

CNGci’s Type IIIs can be strap- or neck-mounted for roof or rail designs.

In addition to the big aluminum-carbon units, CNGci has added Type II tanks from WireTough Cylinders of Bristol, Va. They feature steel wire reinforcement around a steel liner. “The Type II tank has excellent impact resistance and is very economical,” CNGci says, noting that they weigh 25% less than all-steel Type I CNG cylinders.

WireTough says it manufactures CNG cylinders in nominal 12-, 14- and 16-inch diameters, with lengths from 28 to 76 inches and 60 to 200 liter internal volumes.

CNGci also handles Inflex Type I tanks from Argentina.

OMB and WEH, Emer and GTM Too

And, citing a U.S. market that appears finally to be catching up with world levels of interest in natural gas vehicles, the Malibu-based company has added CNG fueling equipment to its product lineup.

At ACT Expo, CNGci talked up an agreement with WEH Technologies, with products including the TK-17 pistol-grip nozzle for CNG fueling.

CNGci is adding Emer valves to its line too, complementing valves from OMB. At ACT Expo, CNGci emphasized Emer’s new Mark 200 high-flow solenoid valve, “catering specifically to truck/bus applications that require increased flow rates.”

The Emer Mark 200 will be available on the market in the third quarter, CNGci said.

Yet another new CNGci partnership is with Amarillo, Texas-based GTM Manufacturing, which offers a “mother-and-daughter” solution for supplying CNG to off-pipeline locations. The mother station can be a stranded gas well, gas processing plant, or pipeline-based CNG facility, with daughter stations being the point of consumption or sale.

“North America now sits on top of one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world,” CNGci says.

“What’s not to like?”

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