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Ace Solid Waste Goes with CNG

June 21, 2012 in CNG, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Celebration Today of Vocational Energy Fueling Station

Green is good but red, white and blue is better. That’s the word from Ramsey, Minn., where Ace Solid Waste is celebrating the installation of a compressed natural gas station by Florida’s Vocational Energy.

Minnesota'€™s Ace Solid Waste has begun converting its 60-truck fleet to CNG, with Vocational Energy for fueling.

Ace has four CNG-fueled Autocar trucks, the start of a switch from diesel to methane for its 60-unit fleet.

“It just didn’t make sense anymore to send billions of our dollars every day to purchase oil from governments that are not friendly to the United States,” Schweizer said in a release.

‘Red, White, and Blue’

“Some people say CNG is a ‘green’ fuel, but we look at it as red, white, and blue.”

The time-fill station, constructed by Vocational Energy, is configured to fuel up to 40 garbage trucks simultaneously at night, after the trucks return from their routes. The time fill allows overnight fills without the need for an attendant.

“The driver simply ‘plugs’ the truck in and walks away,” states the announcement by When the tank is full, the compressor shuts off automatically.

“We chose Vocational Energy because they really understood our business and they seemed to have the best handle on alternative fuel and fueling solutions,” Schweizer said.

“Every one of the stations we build is special to us, and this one is no exception,” said Vocational Energy president Scott Edelbach Edelbach. “Ace was committed from day one to migrate away from OPEC, and we commend them for taking that stance.”

ANGI Compressors

Schweizer said his plan is to migrate his entire fleet to CNG within five years.

He said his customers will notice his new CNG-powered garbage trucks are much quieter – an added bonus.

The Vocational Energy slow-fill station with twin ANGI compressors can support as many as 40 CNG garbage trucks.

Vocational Energy operates under the umbrella of International, which offers new trucks, used reconditioned trucks, truck parts, rental trucks, and route-ready trucks through such web-driven store fronts as Trucks and Parts of Tampa and Big Truck Rental, which specializes in the renting of quality Heil garbage trucks.

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Source: release and Fleets & Fuels research

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