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Micro Motion Takes LNG’s Measure

July 5, 2012 in CNG, LNG by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Emerson Sees Meteoric Growth in Market for Meters

Demand for Emerson products for measuring natural gas as a transportation fuel has soared. Products include the Micro Motion line of Coriolis mass measuring meters suitable for both large and small flows of gas – from CNG road vehicles up to LNG tankers.

Orders for Emerson’s Micro Motion Elite brand meters for LNG dispensing have risen exponentially.

In liquefied natural gas dispensing, orders for Emerson’s Micro Motion Elite Coriolis meters have risen exponentially, from handfuls of samples to orders for hundreds, says UK-based Phil Fathers, who heads up the company’s efforts in alterative fuels.

Orders for Micro Motion products for LNG dispensing in China could reach several thousand units this year, Fathers says. “Adoption in the States is going through the roof,” he told F&F. Chart Industries and Clean Energy Fuels are major customers.

Clean Energy Fuels truck stop LNG station in Pearl, Miss., one of about 70 America’s Natural Gas Highway stations opening this year. Micro Motion metering hardware is being used in ANGH dispensers, Emerson says.

Emerson recently reported Dutch MID (the European Measuring Instruments Directive) certification of its Micro Motion F100 flowmeter for truckoad custody transfer of cryogenic products.

For cryogenic liquid re-sellers and distributors, Emerson says, the F100 represents “a compact, reliable and accurate solution for their delivery trucks.”

“The certification covers the Micro Motion F100 Coriolis Flowmeter and ATEX and IECEx IIC approval,” Emerson says, “for use with cryogenic liquids with flow rates between 3.5 – 450 kg/min, densities between 700 and 1500 Kg/m3, and temperatures down to -200°C. The ambient temperature range is from -40 to +55°C. These Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters meet the requirements of the MID guidelines; environmental class M3/E3 and accuracy class 2.5, which specify an accuracy of 1.5% for the meter and 2.5% for the complete measuring system.”

Micro Motion transmitters are now offered in 316L stainless steel housings for marine and other harsh environments.

The Micro Motion package includes Coriolis transmitter and MID-approved printer, with the option of a flow computer.

Emerson is among the sponsors of the LNG 4 Trucks & Ships workshop taking place September 19-21 in Amsterdam.

The company offers fully networked and wireless controls for oil and natural gas production and processing facilities too.

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Source: Emerson Micro Motion release and follow-up interview

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