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Questar Fueling Looks Beyond Utah

July 17, 2012 in CNG, LNG, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Expertise Gleaned in Beehive State Being Taken Nationwide

The Salt Lake City-based Questar utility has established Questar Fueling as a non-regulated entity that’s looking to help establish a natural gas vehicle  fueling infrastructure across America.

The new Questar Fueling would like to make this a common scene across the U.S.

“We have no boundaries,” says Carl Galbraith, general manager of the new business unit, who told F&F that the new unit has ample resources to establish Questar Fueling in the natural gas vehicle fueling business.

“We really aren’t constrained by capital for projects that make economic sense,” he says. “The board has said, ‘Go out and get the business.’”

As a start, “We would like to put in ten to 12 significant stations over the next 12 months.” ANGI Energy has been tapped as a key equipment supplier.

Public or Private, CNG and/or LNG

Questar Fueling’s initial emphasis is on compressed natural gas for medium to heavy duty vehicles, with liquefied natural gas an option as well. The firm wants to provide fleets or partners like convenience stores or existing gasoline stations with turnkey CNG (and/or LNG) installations, which it would operate and maintain. It will buy and sell the gas at these new stations, or let the station owners handle that aspect.

The new stations may be public or private. “We offer both public fueling and terminal fueling,” Galbraith says.

Questar Fueling has already begun its beyond-Utah expansion, with CNG outlets in Evanston and Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Judd Cook is business development manager for Questar Fueling.

The company currently has 29 public-access fueling stations in Utah, most of them co-located with such companies as Chevron, Phillips 66, and 7-Eleven. Four, with the heavier vehicle capability Questar wants to take across the U.S., are at Pilot Flying J truck stops.

As for history, it almost couldn’t be longer. Parent Questar converted 25 vehicles to CNG in 1981 and during the ’80s helped Ford and GM test NGVs. By 1989 Questar had converted 100 vehicles of its own to CNG, and was involved in the establishment of FuelMaker.

“We felt very strongly,” Galbraith said today, “that this market was here to stay.”

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