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HHP Summit — Next Week!

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First-Ever High Horsepower Event Dedicated to Natural Gas

Can marine, locomotive, mining vehicle, construction equipment and energy exploration and production operators save money with natural gas if they’re willing to make the up-front investments? Yes. Must they make those investments wisely? Absolutely yes.

LNG-fueled ships like the new Harvey Energy for New Orleans-based Harvey Gulf may someday become the norm.

The first HHP Summit, tackling the issues that will determine whether natural gas indeed finds significant use in marine, rail, mining, construction, E&P operations and on-site power generation, gets underway less than four weeks from now in Houston.

The first-ever meeting, hosted by ACT Expo organizer Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, will highlight leading HHP projects from around the world, provide information on the latest OEM engine technology and retrofit options, give a rundown of fueling supply and refueling infrastructure solutions, outline regulatory and policy considerations, and give attendees – expected to number some 500 – an idea of real-world project economics.

HHP Summit 2012 — Natural Gas for High Horsepower Applications — is being held September 26-28 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel (formerly the InterContinental) in Houston.

Encana Natural Gas, Pivotal LNG (a unit of AGL Resources) and Caterpillar are presenting sponsors. They and a dozen others – some 70 speakers all-told – will participate in ten industry-specific breakout sessions.

Alpha Natural Resources is tetsing an LNG fuel system from Florida’s GFS Corp on a 240-ton Caterpillar 793D like this one at a Powder River Basin coal mine in northeast Wyoming.

Plenary sessions will see why there is a new natural gas imperative in North America, will learn how companies large and small are stepping up with the technology solutions to make natural gas a high horsepower reality, and will better understand the regulatory and policy considerations those providers must keep in mind.

In addition to the HHP Summit 2012 conference, there will be an LNG Fundamentals training session, an outdoor exhibition area with an expected half dozen displays, and an indoor trade show area with approximately 20 exhibitors including natural gas producers, transporters, processors and users.

“Natural gas is quickly becoming the ‘go to’ option for those looking to reduce fuel costs and improve environmental performance in high fuel consuming applications such as commercial marine vessels, locomotives, mine haul, oil and gas exploration and production, and other off-pipeline industrial power and thermal generation applications,” GNA says.

for the HHP Summit 2012 trade show

“As this new energy reality becomes more clear, businesses and industries are beginning to shift their almost exclusive reliance of diesel fuel to an increased use of cleaner burning and low cost natural gas.

“This in turn is focusing those that supply products and services to the market to shift their offerings to meet this growing demand for natural gas powered high horsepower equipment.” GNA’s message to this emerging market? Come learn who is selling what to whom, an who is likely to prosper in high horsepower natural gas, in Houston in September.

GNA, VP Anne Hellwig, 310-573-8558 or toll-free 888-993-0302; [email protected] or [email protected];


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