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Mansfield Offers ‘CNG Express’

August 9, 2012 in CNG, Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

For fleets not quite ready to make a wholesale switch to compressed natural gas, Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems is offering a new CNG Express portable fueler, which can time-fill four trucks at a time with 15 diesel gallon equivalents per hour.

Mansfield has a new portable fueler, the CNG Express, which can fuel four trucks at a time with 15 diesel gallon equivalents per hour.

“The issue is that as a fleet is renewed on a normal schedule, there may only be a few new trucks deployed annually to each location,” says Mansfield sales and marketing VP Mario Pirraglia. “With only a few new CNG trucks, implementing a large fixed investment in a CNG fueling system can be difficult to justify.

“Also, without the local option of a retail CNG station in most areas, fleet operators are often stuck in the dilemma of wanting to get started with their first CNG trucks but having no way to fuel them.”

Mansfield says that its new CNG Express is a portable automated system that can be deployed with almost no set-up costs. It is available for short-term rental, long-term lease, or purchase, and removes the large capital investment typically required to get started with CNG.

Mansfield for Waste Industries USA

Deployment and set-up can be completed in a few hours with no specialized training, Mansfield says. Rented units come standard with remote monitoring.

“Blue Flame, Blue Skies,” says Raleigh, N.C.-based Waste Industries USA in announcing the opening of the largest, privately held compressed natural gas station in Durham this past May.

The Durham Branch station supports North Carolina’s largest fleet of CNG refuse trucks, the company says. It was built by the Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems unit of Mansfield Energy.

The facility has 31 CNG filling points for an initial 19 trucks and one service vehicle.

“As part of our annual review of our carbon footprint and sustainability in 2011, we concluded that CNG had become a viable long-term, low-cost alternative to diesel fuel,” Waste Industries CEO Ven Poole said in a release. “We committed to begin conversion to CNG and decided to start with one of our largest branches.

“This will be one of several conversions we will complete in the coming years,” Poole said.

The Durham Branch CNG station is fruit of “a partnership of services” provided by Mansfield Energy and the Gastonia, N.C.-based PSNC Energy utility. Mansfield provided construction design, engineering and project management services for station. PSNC will provide “reliable natural gas service as well as the related infrastructure necessary to operate the Durham CNG fleet,” Waste Industries said.

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Source: CTN Publishing’s ShowTimes Daily in cooperation with Fleets & Fuels

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