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CNG Trash Trucks at Nascar

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Republic Touts Clean Fuels – And How – at Evergreen Speedway

Two CNG fueled Autocar trucks from Republic Services’ Kent division served as honorary pace cars at a Nascar event at the Evergreen Speedway outside Seattle on Labor Day Saturday.

A pair of CNG-fueled Republic Services Autocar trucks served as pace cars for NASCAR races at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Wash. on Labor Day weekend.

It was an historic first, says Anne Laughlin, Republic’s community relations manager for the Northwest region.

“People come to the races to see something spectacular,” said Mike Huycke, Republic Services’ Northwest area president. “People in the racing industry appreciate technology. We are excited to showcase technology making a difference in our communities.

“This is an unusual and creative way to display the power of CNG,” Huycke said. “Our giant red, white and blue trucks are green through and through. Don’t let the quiet engine fool you. This truck packs a lot of muscle.”

“Fans of NASCAR are undoubtedly people making decisions about vehicles and fuels and we expect there to be some people in the stands who work with fleets,” he said.

‘A Great Place for CNG’

“It’s a great place to highlight the benefits of CNG,” Huycke said of the Monroe, Wash. track.

Besides extolling the virtues of compressed natural gas, the event was a tribute to the first responders who have battled wildfires in Washington State, Laughlin said.

“The crowds loved the tribute to the first responders with the American flag that flew so beautifully off the back of the truck,” she told F&F. The U.S. flag at the Nascar event was the same one flown on one of the fire rigs at the Taylor’s Bridge wildfire in eastern Washington.

Having some serious fun at Evergreen Speedway are Matt Easter (Republic Services Kent division), Racy the Raccoon (Evergreen Speedway), Jeff Wilmus (Kent) Dave Rogers (Republic Seattle), ‘€œShomps’€ Williams (safety, Bellevue/Lynnwood), Chris Donahue (Bellevue), Dennis Bounds (KING 5 television anchor), Jeff Borgida (GM for Bellevue/Lynnwood division), Anne Laughlin (Republic Services community relations – Northwest), Hank Sherman (Bellevue/Lynnwood), Scott Jennings (Bellevue), and Pedro Garcia (Seattle).

Republic Kent pit crew members spent spiffing the vehicles for their Nascar run. “All of our state divisions participated,” Laughlin said, with about a dozen Republic team members on the track on race day.

Biomethane Is on the Way

Converting one diesel truck of this size to CNG technology is like taking the equivalent emissions of 325 cars off the road every day, Republic says. “Over the course of one year, Republic Services’ CNG fleet is reducing the equivalent emissions of millions of cars on the road.”

Getting even cleaner, Republic Services has publicized two major projects with Clean Energy Fuels for fueling its trucks with biomethane-based CNG from landfills. The first is in Michigan and the second, announced just last month, is in Tennessee (F&F, August 25).

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Source: Republic Services community relations with F&F follow-up


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