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20th Annual NGV Achievement Awards

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BAF Co-Founder Bill Calvert for Lifetime Achievement

NGVAmerica and its Clean Vehicle Education Foundation affiliate late last week bestowed NGV Achievement Awards on ten individuals and organizations “in recognition of their outstanding contributions in leadership, vision and innovation to the advancement of natural gas as a vehicular fuel.”

NGVAmerica’€™s 2012 NGV Achievement Award Winners are, left tp right: Paper Transport, Inc. president Jeff Shefchik; Golden Eagle Distributors senior business development VP Bill Osteen; New Jersey Clean Cities chairman Chuck Feinberg; Mayor Donnalee Lozeau of Nashua, New Hampshire; BAF Technologies co-founder and sales VP Bill Calvert; DeKalb County (Georgia) assistant sanitation director Billy Malone; Frito-Lay fleet engineering director Joe Gold; Kwik Trip director of transportation and distribution Chad Hollett; Pennsylvania House of Representatives Majority Whip Stan Saylor; Saddle Creek Transportation operations director John Erwin and Michael DelBovo, Saddle Creek president.

The 2012 NGV Achievement Award winners are

  • Chuck Feinberg of the New Jersey Clean Cities Coalition as Outstanding NGV Advocate-Ally for effectively leveraging a $15 million dollar federal grant with an additional $32 million dollar non-federal capital investment to establish a program to accelerate the transition of private and municipal fleets to compressed natural gas;
  • The DeKalb County, Ga. Department of Sanitation for its Innovative Landfill Gas-to-CNG Project, a $15 million initiative that includes the construction of the DeKalb County Renewable Energy Facility, a plant designed to convert landfill gas to produce 2.3 million diesel gallon equivalents of CNG annually;
  • Saddle Creek Logistics Services for Outstanding NGV 3PL Industry Leadership, for incorporating more than 100 Freightliner M2 112 trucks by year-end in support of client sustainability programs;
  • Arizona’s Golden Eagle Distributors for Outstanding CNG Fleet & Station Program – a 100% heavy-duty CNG fleet conversion in Tucson and Casa Grande, including a public-access CNG station in Tucson with Casa Grande planned;
  • The City of Nashua, New Hampshire for Exemplary CNG Fleet & Station Program with nearly 40 CNG vehicles deployed by December 31;
  • Pennsylvania State Representative Stan Saylor as NGV Public Policy Champion,  showing great leadership by generating tremendous NGV momentum in the Pennsylvania General Assembly;
  • Frito-Lay North America for Exemplary CNG Fleet & Station Program, “advocating natural gas as a win-win situation, both in terms of accomplishing their sustainability strategy and reducing costs;”
  • Green Energy Oilfield Services Exemplary Shale Play LNG Truck Deployment Program, one of the first companies in the industry to provide fluid management services, including fluid transportation, storage, and disposal through the utilization of LNG- powered trucks;
  • Paper Transport, Inc. for Outstanding NGV 3PL Industry Leadership – 20 CNG trucks on the road and 15 on order scheduled for delivery next month; and
  • Kwik Trip, Inc. for Outstanding NGV Market Development Leadership for building the nation’s first truly alternative fuels station in La Crosse, Wisc. – an investment of $3 million dollars. “The design of the station itself is a marvel,” NGVAmerica says, as “it incorporates ten transportation fuels, including CNG and LNG, under a single canopy to achieve a one-stop fueling experience for the general public.”

Last but not least, NGVAmerica presented William J. “Bill” Calvert with its NGV Lifetime Achievement Award: Over the course of more than 30 years in natural gas vehicles, “Calvert has left his mark,” NGVAmerica says, “engaging others to enter the market early on and to become NGV industry leaders in their own right, co-founding and then successfully building BAF Technologies,” which was acquired in 2009 by Clean Energy Fuels.

Calvert “near-single handedly” developed the cutaway shuttle bus niche sector, NGVAmerica says, and mentored countless individuals – both inside and outside his own company.

Workaday trucks like this BAF-upfitted, dedicated-CNG Ford Transit connect have become a common sight on the streets of San Francisco.

Bill Calvert was a founding member of the Kentucky Clean Fuels Partnership, home of one of the very first Clean Cities Coalitions, and was also an early participant and member of the American Gas Association’s NGV Technology Committee, which later spun off to become the NGV Coalition and now NGVAmerica.

“Calvert’s focus on building trust in his relationships has earned him the respect of his BAF associates, his competitors, his customers, his suppliers, policymakers, advocate-allies and industry icons,” states NGVAmerica’s award announcement. “There aren’t many people in this industry that Bill has not somehow touched either directly or indirectly.

“His influence – his legacy – may be measured in so many ways – but the most important is the measure of the trust and friendships that he has developed over the years.”

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