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Frito-Lay Seeks CNG

October 20, 2012 in CNG, NGVs, Solicitation by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Floats RFP for Large Public Stations that It Will Anchor

Frito-Lay is seeking to help establish a viable compressed natural gas fueling infrastructure nationwide, and has tasked its FL Transportation Inc. unit to find builders of large, public-access CNG stations. Frito-Lay will itself be the anchor customer, committing if necessary to specific CNG usage volumes.

Bids are due at the end of next month (details below).

HEAVY duty: Trillium CNG is already contracted to support Frito-Lay with a private fueling station in Beloit, Wisc., and is likely to be among the bidders for the beverage and snack food giant’s new national network of public-access facilities. This photo shows a Trillium CNG station build for transit buses in Southern California.

“In contrast to the public-access CNG stations that are typical in today’s marketplace,” states a just-issued notice, “heavy-duty CNG stations are specifically designed and operated to provide tractor-trailers and other high fuel volume trucks with access, fuel reporting, and refueling capabilities comparable to diesel cardlock facilities.”

“In addition,” FLTI says, “heavy-duty CNG stations have approaches, driveways, and fueling islands that accommodate a long wheelbase and large turning radius. Likewise, they are designed with significant compression and fuel buffering capabilities to ensure that large volumes of fuel can be dispensed quickly.”

The stations will have to be able to provide 90 gasoline gallon equivalents of temperature-compensated CNG in 12 minutes or less “regardless of other vehicles fueling simultaneously.”

Stations are to be operational by mid-August 2013 in six Tier 1 locations: Charlotte, N.C.; Jonesboro, Ark.; Dayville-Killingly, Conn.; Orlando, Fla.; Perry, Ga. and Topeka, Kans.

More Trucks Are Coming Too

Bids may also cover eight lower-volume Tier 2 locations: Dallas and Rosenberg, Texas; Kern and Modesto, Calif.; Aberdeen, Md.; Kirkwood, N.Y.; Pulaski-Fayetteville, Tenn. and Vancouver, Wash.

FLTI estimates deployment of as few as eight and as many as 20 CNG trucks at each of the various locations next year, with Perry, Ga. and Topeka likely to get the most. Estimated annual FLTI fuel volumes for the Tier 1 stations range from 167,000 to 333,000 gasoline gallon equivalents per station in the first year of operation, to nearly 850,000 GGEs in year seven in Topeka.

Frito-Lay and its FL Transportation Inc. unit — and contractor GNA — have done extensive prep work as they seek to help establish a national public-access CNG fueling infrastructure, as seen from this excerpt from the just-issued, 133-page RFP.

“FLTI would prefer to have qualified heavy-duty CNG station owners (CSOs) provide fueling services at or nearby existing FLTI hauling operations,” the RFP states.

“Proximity and ease of access to the proposed CNG stations in relation to FLTI’s locations and routes is key for operational functionality and economic feasibility.”

A mandatory pre-bid conference/webinar will be held October 26. Follow-up questions must be posed by November 2. Bids are due November 30.

Awards are to be made by December 21 and contracts signed January 11. The bidding process is being handled by GNA – Santa Monica, Calif.-based Gladstein, Neandross & Associates.

Contact information is only available to premium subscribers. Click here to purchase a subscription.

Source: Frito-Lay/FLTI via GNA/Gladstein, Neandross & Associates

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