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GE and Peake Launch CNG In A Box

October 10, 2012 in CNG, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

‘Unique Fueling Solution’ Unveiled at NACS in Las Vegas

GE and Chesapeake Energy’s Peake Fuel Solutions affiliate have formally unveiled their CNG In A Box, a powerful modular fueling unit they say makes for easier adoption of compressed natural gas fueling for large- and small-scale retailers.

GE and Chesapeake Energy’€™s Peake Fuel Solutions affiliate describe their CNG In A Box as ‘€˜a plug-and-play on-site fueling solution that comes with everything retailers need to add low-cost natural gas fuel to their operations quickly and simply.’

CNG In A Box is described as “a plug-and-play on-site fueling solution that comes with everything retailers need to add low-cost natural gas fuel to their operations quickly and simply.” The firms said they expect to deploy more than 250 of the CNG In A Box systems beginning this autumn.

Initial installations in support of Chesapeake vehicles – and those of local customers – are underway in Cleburne (south of Fort Worth) and Marshall, Texas (just west of the Louisiana border, serving the Haynesville Shale).

As planned (F&F, March 16), CNG In A Box is being shown at this week’s National Association of Convenience Stores event in Las Vegas.

The ‘Look and Feel’ of Gasoline or Diesel

Each CNG In A Box unit includes an inlet dryer, three ASME cascade vessels, and user-friendly control panel.

“The CNG In A Box system compresses natural gas from a pipeline into CNG on-site at a traditional automotive fueling station or industrial location,” the partners say. “CNG-powered vehicles such as taxis, buses or small trucks, as well as individual consumer vehicles, can then refill their tanks using a dispenser with the same look and feel as a traditional diesel or gasoline dispenser.”

“Combining Peake Fuel Solutions’ natural gas expertise and GE’s breadth of cross-industry technology capabilities will advance the use of abundant and affordable natural gas fueling solutions,” Chesapeake natural gas ventures VP Kent Wilkinson said in a release.

Branded as a GE “Ecomagination” product, the CNG In A Box fueling system is housed in a 20-foot ISO container replete with an inlet gas-drying unit, 400-horsepower four-stage GE Gemini compressor (electric drive), a trio of ASME cascade buffer vessels, a gas cooler, and user-friendly controls.

7.5 GGE Per Minute

Output is stated at 7.5 GGEs – gasoline gallon equivalents – per minute.

GE Energy’s Wayne supplies dispensers featuring PCI-compliant pay-at-the-pump technology “for a familiar and secure fueling experience. Using the same dispenser and payment terminal interfaces as Wayne petroleum dispensers simplifies point of sale integration,” states the CNG In A Box release.

Financing for the CNG In A Box system is offered by GE Capital, “providing competitive rates and flexible payment options.

“By combining an entire acquisition – including equipment, delivery and installation –into a single monthly payment, Peake Fuel Solutions’ customers can structure payments according to their cash flow and eliminate the costs and time associated with paying multiple vendors,” the partners promise.

“Business owners can work with a single provider to acquire, finance and maintain their CNG In A Box system.”

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