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Hyundai Penetrates Mexico Market

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Shows Dedicated-CNG Vehicles, RTP and Jumex Are Operators

Korea’s Hyundai mounted a large display at the entrance to NGV Global 2012 in Mexico City earlier this month, showing a low-entry Super Aero City transit bus with 11.1-liter C6AE engine and an HD120 urban delivery vehicle with 6-liter C6GA engine, both fueled solely by compressed natural gas.

Korea’s Hyundai has 30 CNG-fueled Super Aero City transit buses in operation with RTP in Mexico City, and a CNG-fueled HD120 truck in service with the big food and beverage provider Jumex. For both its CNG trucks and buses in Mexico, it has opted for lean-burn SCR technology for better performance at higher altitudes. David Perry photos

Hyundai uses a lean-burn system with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) to minimize emissions, explaining that it has opted not to use a stoichiometric design for the spark-ignition CNG engines because of Mexico’s high altitudes.

The vehicles have Type I steel CNG fuel cylinders.

Spark-ignition 6-liter CNG engine on Hyundai HD120 truck at NGV Global 2012

The Mexico City transit agency RTP operates 30 of Hyundai’s Super Aero City transit buses on CNG, while the Mexican food company Jumex operates a CNG-fueled Hyundai HD120 truck, says Ecostar Energy projects director Miguel Cruz. Ecostar Energy shared the Hyundai exhibit space display.

Ecostar Energy is a sustainable energy advocate and consultancy with an emphasis on natural gas vehicles. Its interests range from vehicle conversion kits to fueling to virtual pipelines. The firm has offices in Mexico City and Tijuana.

Hyundai Truck & Bus de México chairman Daniel Gutierrez Topete participated in the NGV Global 2012 opening ceremony on November 8.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels reportage at NGV Global 2012 in Mexico City

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