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November 24, 2012 in CNG, Propane by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Fuel Parts Purveyors from Poland Were at NGV Global 2012

At least three providers of gaseous fuel system components from Poland showed their wares at NGV Global 2012 in Mexico City earlier this month. All three offered hardware for both natural gas vehicles and for propane/LPG-autogas systems.

Carlos Lopez and Adam Skrzypko of Bialystok-based Stag Autogas Systems at NGV Global 2012 in Mexico City.

Białystok-based AC-Stag Autogas mounted a high-end display, promoting upwards of 200 kits and components for CNG and propane vehicles. The firm distributed extensive literature on such products as the Stag-300 and Stag 4 Plus and other engine control units, reducers, injectors, wiring harnesses and Bluetooth-compatible diagnostic aids.

ZenitPro ECUs from Radom-based Auto-Gaz Centrum are OBD-compatible for CNG and propane engine conversions, up to eight cylinders.

Radom-based Auto-Gaz Centrum showed its “Compact” line of propane conversion kits for four-cylinder engines in Mexico City, as well as the “ZenitPro” line of OBD-compatible units for larger engines, with variants for both compressed natural gas and propane.

Mińsk Mazowiecki-based Versus, aka FHT VersusGas, promoted sequential gas injection equipment for engine conversions including a range of ECUs with various levels of OBD compatibility, both standard and “super” reducers, injectors, and accessories including fittings, hoses and tubing.

The MV4 and MV4pro controller series was especially emphasized.

Versus exhibited at NGV Global 2012 with Radlin-based ZWM Czaja, which offers a line of filters and fittings, including elbows designed to work with equipment from Lovato, BRC, Zavoli and KME.

Versus MV4 ECU

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Source: Fleets & Fuels reportage at NGV Global 2012 in Mexico City


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