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Hunts Point: Money for Cleaner Trucks

December 20, 2012 in CNG, EVs, Hybrids, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

NYCDOT Program Allows as Much as $48,000 Per Vehicle

Owners and operators of trucks based in or servicing the Hunts Point and Port Morris neighborhoods of the South Bronx – areas with asthma rates higher than the national average – are eligible for significant rebates if they scrap, replace or retrofit their older vehicles under the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program.

Frank Rivera, owner of Mechanical Heating Supply Inc., takes delivery of 2013 Hino truck from Robert Milea of Milea Truck Sales Corp.

The CTP initiative, led by the New York City Department of Transportation, provides incentives ranging from $2,500 to $48,000. To date, the Hunts Point CTP has allocated $1,190,000 in rebate funding for replacing and scrapping older vehicles.

“The Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program is one of the first and largest clean truck programs in the country to offer rebate funding to truck owners toward a variety of advanced transportation technologies and alternative fuel options for medium to heavy duty trucks,” states the CTP website.

‘A Wonderful Business Opportunity’

“Whether an applicant is interested in scrapping an older truck or would like to purchase a new 2010 hybrid electric diesel truck, the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program is designed to provide the applicant the flexibility to choose a clean truck option that is most suitable for the applicant’s specific business needs.”

“These funds represent a wonderful business opportunity for fleets and truck owners,” says CTP program associate Yulieth Peña.

The monies “strongly incentivize qualifying individuals to transition to cleaner diesel trucks and other alternative fuel technologies such as compressed natural gas, battery electric, and hybrid-diesel electric vehicles,” Peña says.

The Hunts Point CTP is funded by the Federal Highway Administration’s CMAQ program for Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality improvement.

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Source: Hunts Point CTP



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