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LNG Achterhoek in Eastern Netherlands

January 18, 2013 in CNG, LNG, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Cryonorm Projects Station near Borculo to Offer CNG as Well

LNG Achterhoek has engaged Cryonorm Projects to build a new liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas vehicle fueling station near Borculo, in the eastern Netherlands, close to the border with Germany. It’s to open at the end of June.

Cryonorm built the LNGEurope fueling station used by Simon Loos at Zaanstad, near Amsterdam (F&F, August 11, 2011).

Cryonorm will install a 60-cubic-meter (15,850 gallons) vertical LNG tank with submerged Cryostar pump, says business development manager Jos Glorie.

“The LNG truck side will be sized for about 25 trucks per day with one dispenser,” he says. To accommodate the different pressure requirements of Europe’s LNG truck manufacturers, the station will be fitted with a vehicle recognition system.

For the CNG side, Glorie told F&F, LNG is compressed to 300 bar, vaporized in a high-pressure unit, odorized, and stored in a buffer cylinder pack that feeds a CNG dispenser.

Middelkoop, Rotra, Simon Loos, Vos, Bosman

The station will be built at an existing Brand Oil fueling station, Glorie says, and operated by Koster Oil. A dedicated payment and flow metering system will handle both LNG and CNG transactions.

The station will be housed in a pre-fabricated concrete building: “Plug and play with limited site work,” Glorie says.

Expected and potential fleet customers include D.J. Middelkoop, Rotra, Simon Loos, Vos Logistics, Wim Bosman (which announced in entry into LNG trucking late last year), and supermarket distribution companies.

LNG Achterhoek is a new company based in Zelhem, also in the eastern Netherlands. Bennie Wisselink is managing director.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels reportage

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