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Hexagon Type IVs for Latin America

February 5, 2013 in CNG by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

CNG Tanks for U.S. OEM Said Region’s First All-Composite

Norway’s Hexagon says its contract for Type IV compressed natural gas cylinders for a U.S. OEM’s Latin America product marks a first for the region – all-composite CNG tanks in a passenger car.

Hexagon included this photo of a Mercedes passenger car CNG fuel system with its announcement about Type IV cylinders for a U.S. manufacturer in Latin America.

“With over 5 million natural gas vehicles on the road traditionally steel cylinders have been used for the after-market conversion of passenger cars in Latin America,” Hexagon sales director Frank Häberli says in a release. “With a large OEM introducing composite cylinders for the first time to its global vehicle platform in this market, the Latin American NGV market has opened up for Hexagon,” he says.

The all-composite CNG cylinders “will be supplied to a production plant in Latin America and will serve as fuel tanks for a popular compact passenger car model running on natural gas,” Hexagon says.

The contract is valued at 90 million Norwegian krone – approximately $730,000 U.S. at current rates – over a 4 year period.

Fewer Inspections

“With 70% lower weight compared to a steel cylinder, the composite high-pressure cylinder allows the car manufacturer to compete with lower carbon dioxide classification and higher fuel efficiency,” the company adds.

“Corrosion and fatigue become a thing of the past for fully composite Type IV cylinders. In consequence of avoiding the inconvenient and costly periodic retesting of the cylinder, the vehicle owner will achieve competitive life cycle cost as the major benefit.”

“The leading design and technical performance of our products meeting the high quality standards of the automotive industry set the stage for further expansion into the global NGV markets,” said Ragnar Holthe, automotive managing director at Hexagon Raufoss.

Hexagon Composites hasn’t named its Latin America customer.

Hexagon is the parent of Nebraska’s Lincoln Composites.

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Source: Hexagon Composites with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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