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Xperion Tanks for Audi’s New A3 G-tron

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Twin X-Store Brand Type IV Tanks on Bi-Fuel Sedan

Xperion Energy & Environment – “xperion” – reports its selection as a Tier 1 supplier of X-Store brand lightweight high pressure CNG cylinders for the new Audi A3 G-tron. The five-door, compressed natural gas-gasoline bi-fuel “sportback” is Audi’s first natural gas vehicle. It’s to go on sale at the end of the year.

Xperion is supplying twin Type IV CNG fuel cylinders for Audi’s A3 g-tron bi-fuel car.

Xperion is supplying twin Type IV CNG fuel cylinders for Audi’s A3 G-tron bi-fuel ‘sportback.’

Xperion says that its hybrid composite design saves 70% of fuel tank weight compared to traditional steel cylinders, while increasing safety and performance.

“This is a result of xperion’s long term core engineering activities during the last decade in the company history,” technology director Dr. Michael Kleschinski said in a release.

Type IV Xperion X-Store CNG tanks on the Audi A3 G-tron

Type IV Xperion X-Store CNG tanks on the Audi A3 G-tron

According to Audi, the A3 G-tron cylinders are manufactured with a gas-impermeable polyamide matrix inner layer, a second layer of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (for strength), and a third layer of glass fiber reinforced polymer for damage protection.

‘Tireless Impulse of Creativity’

“The Audi A3 Sportback G-tron is designed as a bi-fuel concept,” Audi says. CNG range is better than 400 kilometers (nearly 250 miles) with a further 900 kilometers (560 miles) on gasoline, “so its overall range is comparable to a TDI.”

Xperion notes that X-Store cylinders have been on the market since 2008. “Winning this business was an important step for Xperion to strive forward within the growing automotive segment,” responsible automotive key account manager Martin Bachmann said in the G-tron announcement.

“The engineers at xperion don’t stand still,” Bachmann said. “There is a tireless impulse of creativity in the team to bring new innovative products to the market.”

Xperion also supplies CNG fuel tanks to Volvo, for vehicles including the V60 bi-fuel sedan unveiled in Sweden this week with Westport Innovations (F&F, June 12).

Westport is an Xperion customer for pick-up truck conversions, too (F&F, June 23, 2012).

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Source: Xperion Energy & Environment with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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