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Agility’s Back-of-Cab CNG Array

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Hexagon Lincoln Neck-Mountable 26-Inch Type IVs Are Key
To Aerodynamic Package Said to Be the Most Space-Efficient

Agility Fuel Systems is talking up “the most space-efficient natural gas fuel system in the market,” with a new back-of-cab (BoC) assembly for Class 7 and Class 8 over-the-road tractors.

Agility sales director Paul Mader pointing out the boss on new 26-inch-diameter Hexagon Lincoln 'Tuffshell' cylinder that makes Type IV neck-mounting possible.

Agility sales director Paul Mader pointing out the boss on new 26-inch-diameter Hexagon Lincoln ‘Tuffshell’ cylinder that makes Type IV neck-mounting possible.

The new design utilizes three cylinders of 26-inch-diameter by 80-inch-length to be able to carry 120 diesel gallon equivalents.

The 26-inch-diameter Tuffshell brand Type IV tanks, new from Hexagon Lincoln, allow for boss- or neck-mounting, says Agility sales VP Paul Mader.

The new assembly takes up just 31.25 inches of frame rail space. Width is 87.25 inches, maintaining vehicle aerodynamics by not protruding beyond the side of the cab, Agility said.

Add Rail-Mounted Cylinders for 240 DGE

The new assembly will be used on ten Freightliner Cascadia 113 trucks sold to Florida’s Saddle Creek Transportation at ACT Expo last week (F&F, June 29).

The BoC array can be combined with rail-mounted CNG tanks to reach a maximum of 240 DGE, Agility says.

In addition to the new Type IV tanks, “which are up to 70% lighter than steel tanks and not subject to corrosion,” the new Agility BoC assembly includes:

  • an integrated fuel management module for accurate filling and pressure delivery to the engine;
  • an in-cab display – providing such vital information as fuel level, miles to empty, average mileage per DGE and nearest fueling station locator;
  • an area PRD (pressure relief device) for improved safety and better packaging (capturing a larger heat area than current point pressure relief valves); and
  • ignition disconnect fuel caps: “Ergonomic and robust, Agility’s fuel caps are designed for the rigorous demands of the heavy truck industry while providing a reliable electrical connection.”

“Agility is at the forefront of the natural gas industry with a revolutionary fuel system that provides 120 diesel gallon equivalent,” said CEO Barry Engle. “This is the most fuel per square inch of rail space in the industry and allows class 7 and 8 on-the-road trucks to have a usable range of 500 miles.”

Separately, Hexagon Lincoln has received several new orders for its new 26-inch-diameter Tuffshell Type IV compressed natural gas cylinders, strengthening the market position of its Norwegian parent Hexagon Composites.

The total value of the latest order exceeds $5 million (approximately NOK 30 million), the parent company said last week.

Further, Hexagon Composites said, “These orders represent only the company’s most recent major orders for the newly launched 26-inch Tuffshell line of high pressure composite fuel tanks.” The new cylinders, officially launched in January, “are the largest Type 4 NGV fuel tanks in the marketplace.”

3M to Offer a 26-Incher Too

“The new 26-inch Tuffshell fuel tank is well suited for the increased range requirements of Class 8 truck fleets,” said Hexagon Lincoln sales director Chet Dawes.

Also at ACT Expo 2013 last week, 3M spread the word that a larger Type IV CNG cylinder is in certification

The new 3M tank measures 26-by-80 inches, augmenting 3M’s initial 21-by-60 inch cylinder.

3M employs a proprietary, nanoparticulate composite matrix material that is said to better translate the strength properties of carbon fiber, allowing less to be used, thereby reducing cost.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels at ACT Expo 2013 in Washington, D.C.

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