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CNGci Claims Lead in Fast Fills

July 5, 2013 in CNG by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

It’s a ‘Game-Changer,’ Firm Says, Due to ‘Simple Physics’

CNG Cylinders International says it’s got the world’s largest-diameter Type 3 cylinders – 23 inches – and is now citing proof that they fill far faster than competing Type IVs.

Fleet operators can save time – and money – with aluminum-lined Type III cylinders, CNGci says.

Fleet operators can save time – and money – with aluminum-lined Type III cylinders, CNGci says.

During a Powertech Labs study, CNGci says, both cylinder types were fast-filled to a final pressure of 4,175 psi, and weighed to determine their actual CNG content.

“At 250 psi starting pressure (10% fill condition) the difference was a staggering 37% greater fill for the Type III,” CNGci says. “This is simple physics: the heat dissipation of the aluminum liner is far superior to the plastic liner in a Type IV design.”

In terms of customer value, a Type III cylinder from CNGci adds 9.6 diesel gallon equivalents (or 58 miles at 6 mpg) of range per tank with fast fill at 4,175 psi. “Over the course of a year,” states CNGci, “that results in 28% less fuel stops, compared to a Type IV cylinder.”

Put another way, a truck equipped with three 400-liter tanks logging 125,000 miles per year (at 6 mpg) “will save 76 fuel stops each year.”

More Sizes Coming

“This result is a game-changer when it comes to a comparison of Type III versus Type IV,” CNGci president Siggy Rivalta said ina release. The difference is enough to change the CNG-vs-LNG equation, he says, predicting that the CNGci design “will become the industry standard moving forward.”

CNGci offers 23-inch diameter Type III cylinders with 300-liter (25.7 DGE with fast fill) and 400-liter (34.9 DGE with fast fill) volumes. A 463-liter (40.5 DGE) is coming “soon,” with 500 liters and more planned. All CNGci cylinders are manufactured in Oxnard, Calif.

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Source: CNGci with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


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