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CNGci Launches Larger Cylinder

August 29, 2013 in CNG by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

New 25-Incher to Be Available at the End of 2013

CNG Cylinders International, which already claims the world’s largest Type III compressed natural gas fuel cylinders, says it’s completed development of a 25-inch diameter tank. The current CNGci line includes 23-inch cylinders.

CNGci claims the world's largest Type III cylinders.

CNGci claims the world’s largest Type III cylinders.

“We are currently taking orders,” the company says.

The new cylinders better accommodate the conversion of heavy duty and long range trucks to natural gas, the company says. The 100-inch-long version of the new 25-inch diameter tank has an internal volume of 631 liters, equating to 55 diesel gallon equivalents.

Thermal Superiority

CNGci makes the point that because its liners are aluminum, they better conduct the heat generated when fast-filling, allowing more gas to be put in the cylinder before maximum pressure is reached (F&F, July 5).

“Our main advantage is getting more usable DGE into the cylinder,” says sales manager Mike Pomerantz.

The 25-inch CNGci tanks will be certified and available in November or December, he told F&F.

The new cylinders will also be available in 60-, 80- and 90-inch lengths, Pomerantz says, with internal volumes of 356, 494, and 563 liters.

CNGci makes it seamlessly forged liner with AL6061 aluminum billets, yielding “a stronger, superior product.” The finished tanks have a full wrap of an aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

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Source: CNGci with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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