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Alt Fuels Support from GE Fleet

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‘We Believe Alternative Fuels Are Here to Stay’

GE Capital Fleet Services is promoting its role in helping fleet managers decide whether alternative fuels are good for their business – and which of the alternative fuels is the best for a particular customer operation.

GE’s Vehicle Innovation Center in Eden Prairie, Minn.

GE’s Vehicle Innovation Center in Eden Prairie, Minn.


“We believe alternative fuels are here to stay, and that one or more of them will become mainstream,” says GECFS product leader Brandi Stensos.

“Our interest is in providing customers with the tools and expertise to assist them in determining which alternative fuels are right for their fleets, and where it makes sense to deploy them.”

GE Facilitates Alt Fuels Supply Too

GECFS said in July that it saved its customers approximately $191 million during the first half of the year.

“Approximately 86% of the stated savings are related to initiatives that encompass fuel management and/or carbon emissions reduction,” Stensos told F&F.

GE is active on the supply side of alt fuels too, providing both CNG In A Box and LNG In A Box natural gas vehicle fueling infrastructure products, both of which are skid-mounted, ready-to-deploy fueling stations for compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas, respectively.

GE Capital Fleet Services opened a Customer Experience and Learning Center in Eden Prairie, Minn. last year.

GE Capital Fleet Services opened a Customer Experience and Learning Center in Eden Prairie, Minn. last year.

GE offers a line of networked electric vehicle chargers under its Ecomagination brand.

Turnkey Solutions for EV Operators

“The price points of CNG In A Box and LNG In A Box, which are mass market fueling solutions, are very different from residential charging stations,” Stensos says. “Most customers seek to finance the CNG and LNG In A Box products, which today, precludes us from having a GE Fleet-offered ‘turnkey’ solution. We do, however, have very close relationships with our sister businesses who sell and finance these products, and can help manage through the process.”

On the electric side, “GE Capital Fleet Services offers a turnkey EV solution to our customers, allowing them to order GE charging stations through us as a supplement to the electric vehicle lifecycle management they receive,” Stensos says.

“Many times,” she continues, “operators are pre-disposed to select one over the other, but [there is] rarely a one-size fits all in today’s marketplace. We do consult on which alternative fuel (electric, natural gas, propane) makes the most sense for the fleet, and we work to identify specific vehicles within the fleet that make the most operational and economic sense…

Alt Fuels Experience Available in Eden Prairie

“Different fuels work well for different types of fleets. The decision tree we use emphasizes vehicle use and location, as well as industry, in aligning the right technology for each customer.”

“It is a real benefit to have fleet and fueling expertise within one company,” Stensos says.

“We work with all sizes of vehicles,” she adds. “Our portfolio is comprised primarily of sedans through Class 7.”

“We work very closely with our brethren to insure customers have all appropriate infrastructure options laid out before them.”

GE last year opened a 6,000-square-foot Vehicle Innovation Center, replete with a half-mile test track, at GECFS headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn. It is designed to give customers and visitors an opportunity to learn about and test drive electric, natural gas, propane, and hydrogen vehicles (F&F, May 24, 2012).

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Source: GE Capital Fleet Services with Fleets & Fuels follow-up



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