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GE’s CNG In A Box for China – 260 Units

September 24, 2013 in CNG, Companies by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

MoU Signed for 260 Units with Shenyang Compressor Manufacturing

GE Oil & Gas has publicized an MoU for China’s Endurance Industry to purchase 260 of its CNG In A Box fueling units – and made the announcement in conjunction with the grand opening of GE’s high-speed reciprocating compressor manufacturing facility in Shenyang.

GE Oil & Gas reports an agreement for China’s Endurance Industry to purchase of 260 CNG In A Box systems over the next three years.

GE Oil & Gas reports an agreement for China’s Endurance Industry to purchase of 260 CNG In A Box systems over the next three years.

CNG In A Box is described as a small-scale, plug-and-play compressed natural gas fueling solution. It will support China’s rapid urbanization, which is creating an increased demand for fuel for vehicles and industrial uses, GE says, and help alleviate increasing stress on limited natural gas pipelines.

“The transition to natural gas fueling stations falls in line with China’s current trend toward converting its fueling efforts from gasoline and diesel to cleaner, more economical natural gas.”

‘Vast Reserves of Natural Gas’

“China’s vast reserves of natural gas, shallow coal-bed methane and recoverable shale gas allow it to gradually transition from traditional fuel sources to efficient and environmentally friendly natural gas options, enabling the country to lessen its dependence on foreign fuel supplies,” Endurance Industry chairman Lin Chaoyang said in a GE release.

GE is to supply Endurance with standard-sized CNG In A Box units capable of supporting multiple, smaller “daughter” stations. “The advanced monitoring capabilities of the larger station enable it to automatically feed into the smaller stations when fuel is running low to reduce wait times typically associated with China’s current natural gas fueling infrastructure.”

Picture 260 of them, in China.

Picture 260 of them, in China.

CNG In A Box units include a high-speed reciprocating compressor. Such HSR compressors “are the core technology in the creation of small and modular gas monetization solutions,” GE says. The HSR compressor factory at Shenyang “creates a local supply chain for this technology, cutting lead times by up to 50% for regional customers and providing local service support.”

300 HSR Compressors Per Year, to Start

The Shenyang facility will build to a production capability of 300 HSR units per year during its first phase of operation. The China plant, which opened in June, is in addition to GE’s primary HSR manufacturing facility near Houston.

According to Xu Xin, general manager of GE Oil & Gas, China, “GE is committed to helping China in its plans to reduce its dependence on coal power plants, diesel-powered mining and industrial complexes and petrol and diesel-based transportation infrastructure, replacing it with cleaner and locally produced natural gas.”

“The grand opening of our new manufacturing facility in Shenyang brings our advanced CNG and LNG technology closer than ever before to our Chinese customers,” he said.

The first sets of HSR units produced from the Shenyang facility have been purchased by China’s CIMC Enric and Jerrywon Energy Equipments.

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Source: GE Oil & Gas with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


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