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CeH4 for CNG Fueling Stations

October 11, 2013 in CNG by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

German Company Promises Economical Units for Easy CNG Retailing

Germany’s CeH4 Technologies GmbH is bringing a new line of mobile compressed natural gas fueling stations – dubbed P&P Mobile – to the North American market, promising a truly plug-and-play and economical option to would-be sellers of CNG.

CeH4’s economical, portable, plug-and-play answer to the quandary of economical CNG fueling infrastructure.

CeH4’s economical, portable, plug-and-play answer to the quandary of economical CNG fueling infrastructure.

“We are going to present a much more cost-effective solution than any alternatives,” says CeH4 managing director Olaf Steinbach. Looking at total investment, “We are challenging any other alterative on the market,” he told F&F.

One unit can fuel as many as 576 CNG cars in a day.

How the P&P Mobile looks inside

How the P&P Mobile looks inside

“Our concept consists of a mono-block structure which does not require any infrastructure other than a feed of gas and a connection of water, electricity and telephone/cellular line,” CeH4 says.

One-Day Installation

“The entire system is integrated into a mobile concrete building. This building can be easily transported to another location without any large investment in no time.”

The P&P Mobile building, which comes complete with foundation – site work is thus minimized – is the height and width of a standard sea container.

“All components are pre-fabricated to minimize the site installation to one day only,” the company says.

CeH4 uses Italian compressors, primarily from Safe, capable of handling up to 58,000 cubic feet per hour. Allowable inlet pressure ranges from 0.7 to 84 bar (10 to 1,200 psi). The built-in P&P Mobile dispenser comes replete with an RFID-capable payment system, with the flexibility to be connected to a fuel seller’s existing system.

Cars and Trucks and Buses

CeH4 uses WEH TK-16 nozzles for cars and the TK-26 for trucks and buses.

CeH4 men at work

CeH4 men at work

The unit includes an integrated mini-camera which digitally records all transactions, and well as four canopy-mounted dome cameras for additional security.

“We will have a trained service company in every market able to provide 24/7 support,” Steinbach says. The P&P Mobile’s modular construction allows for easy replacement of problem parts. CeH4’s goal, however, is to make service a moot point: “We are aiming at a utilization time of 98% with special service contract,” he adds.

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Source: CeH4 Technologies with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


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