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GE Breaks into Canada CNG Market

October 1, 2013 in CNG by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Chelsea Natural Gas Orders 20 Units, Targets Smaller Fleets

GE Oil & Gas has disclosed its first CNG In A Box order north of the border, as British Columbia-based Chelsea Natural Gas is to receive 20 of the skid-mounted fueling stations, with first delivery in December.

CNG In A Box Illustration from the Chelsea Natural Gas website

CNG In A Box Illustration from the Chelsea Natural Gas website

Chelsea, GE says, plans to use the units “in a semi-private ‘card lock’ format to address the need in Canada for shared fueling stations by smaller fleet owners, ensuring the conversion to natural gas vehicles makes sense economically.”

“In Canada, where commercial fleets are smaller, it is hard for individual fleet operators to justify the expense of building their own natural gas refueling facilities,” Chelsea CEO Steve Carmichael says in a GE release.

Going It Fine Without Chesapeake

“GE’s CNG In A Box solution allows us to offer a cost-effective way for vehicle fleet operators to take that first step.”

The first Chelsea station is to open in the spring of 2014.

The compressor's the thing – and GE Oil & Gas has fielded more than 18,000 of them.

The compressor’s the thing – and GE Oil & Gas has fielded more than 18,000 of them.

GE, meanwhile, has taken over the marketing of the CNG In A Box product as its early partner, Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy, has back-pedaled from natural gas vehicle promotion to concentrate on its core production business.

‘It’s GE’s CNG In A Box’

“They were our exclusive channel to market,” says Ujjwal Kumar, unconventional solutions GM for GE. “Chesapeake was a good start,” he told F&F. But, “In the end, it’s GE’s CNG In A Box.”

GE is expanding the options for the product, which it’s currently promoting in two 60hz sizes: the CNG-200, with 80- to 200-horsepower motors yielding output of 125 to 400 standard cubic feet per minute, and the CNG-400, with 190- to 400-horsepower motors yielding output of 313 to 788 scfm.

‘Flagship Order’

“GE’s CNG In A Box,” the manufacturer says, “is a fully integrated, modular natural gas production system that offers rapid ‘plug-and-play’ simplicity to promote the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel for both fleet and retail fueling stations.

Several of the units for Chelsea, GE says, will feature a special cold-weather design. “The solution also features commercial quality GE Wayne CNG fueling dispensers that are payment enabled and as user friendly as traditional diesel dispensers.”

“This flagship order,” GE continues, “is a result of a broader GE Canada initiative to work collaboratively with industry leaders to help transportation companies integrate natural gas-fueled vehicles.”

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Source: GE Oil & Gas with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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