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Stirk CNG with Sapp Bros, UFC, J&J

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United Farmers Cooperative Offering Fuel Under Stirk CNG Badge

A new player in compressed natural gas is making itself known in the Midwest. The York, Neb.-based United Farmers Cooperative is publicizing its first fueling station, to open next month at the Sapp Bros Travel Stop on Cornhusker Highway in northeast Lincoln.

The first Stirk CNG fueling station is to open in November at the Sapp Bros Travel Center on Cornhusker Highway in northeast Lincoln, Nebraska.

The first Stirk CNG fueling station is to open in November at the Sapp Bros Travel Center on Cornhusker Highway in northeast Lincoln, Nebraska.

UFC has formed a business unit dubbed J & J Compression “to build an infrastructure of CNG filling stations through strategic partnerships and alliances.” The stations will operate under the Stirk CNG name.

And, drawing in part on knowhow used to convert irrigation and other stationary engines from diesel to natural gas operations, UFC-Stirk will convert trucks to dual fuel operation too.

StirkCNGlogoFinancing Too

“We recently converted trucks in our fleet to operate on dual fuels of diesel and CNG,” UFC energy VP Dick Munn said in a release.

“Based on the projected operational savings provided by utilizing natural gas as an alternative fuel source, we look forward to converting more vehicles in our UFC fleet as well as those of UFC customers and area fleet operations,” he said.

“One of the biggest obstacles in converting to CNG is the up-front capital cost,” Stirk VP Steve Knuth says in the UFC announcement. “Stirk offers customers a unique strategy to finance those costs, and allow them to transition to CNG without affecting their budget.”

“If a fleet has the ability to fill up at a Stirk CNG station,” says Stirk risk/sales manager Mike Hoelscher, “we can finance the up-front capital cost to convert vehicles to CNG, or help with the additional cost on new dedicated CNG vehicles.”

ANGI Hardware

The first station in Lincoln has compression equipment from ANGI Systems, Hoelscher says, capable of fueling at about a ten to 12 diesel gallon equivalents per minute. “We were comfortable with the ANGI compressor package on our first station, but we will continue to look at the market place as it evolves on the compression side,” he told F&F.

“The initial focus will be on developing a CNG market, but we are also looking for future opportunities in LNG,” he adds.

For the dual fuel conversions, “We have about five different systems we are testing on different applications,” Hoelscher says, including construction trucks with side-dump, grain haulers, liquid tankers, and refuse haulers.

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Source: Stirk CNG with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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