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Mosaic, Trillium CNG, Dillon in Tampa

November 17, 2013 in CNG, Fleet Order, Infrastructure by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Firms Celebrate New 55-Truck Fleet, Public Fueling in Florida

Trillium CNG is talking up a new public access fueling outlet in Tampa, which opened last week and is the first of two for the area. “Dillon Transport, the anchor tenant, signed a fuel purchase agreement with Trillium for its Tampa-based fleet of 55 semi-trailer trucks,” Trillium reports.

Two new Trillium CNG stations in Florida are sited to serve the Poprt of Tampa.

Two new Trillium CNG stations in Florida are sited to serve the Poprt of Tampa.

Dillon’s customer The Mosaic Company, a global fertilizer supplier, notes that the process started last year, when it began planning the conversion of its contract truck fleet to compressed natural gas (F&F, November 4, 2012).

“Next month, 50 new trucks operated by Dillon Transport and powered by CNG will be on the road delivering raw materials, fertilizer and animal feed ingredients,” Mosaic said last week.

Hydraulic Intensifier

“The new, larger capacity trucks will be safer and better for the environment because they will enable us to reduce the total number of trips between facilities while also leading the way in the use of clean-burning CNG in fleet vehicles,” Mosaic supply chain VP Rich Krakowski said in a release.

Trillium says that the new CNG station will allow three vehicles to fuel simultaneously. Equipment includes the firm’s fast-fill hydraulic intensifier – supported by a 24/7 rapid response team. The station is on U.S. Highway 41 at Madison Avenue near the Port of Tampa.

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Source: Trillium CNG and Mosaic with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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