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Clean Energy LNG Said a Florida First

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‘ANGH’ LNG Stations Opened in Illinois & in Fontana, Calif. Too
As Supplier Trumpets Multi-Year CNG Deal for 580 DART Buses
And Renewing Customer Smithtown Sees More CNG Acceptance

Clean Energy Fuels is talking up the opening of the first liquefied natural gas fueling station in Florida, as well as the opening of America’s Natural Gas Highway LNG stations in Pontoon Beach, Ill., and Fontana, Calif. updated January 21

Clean Energy Fuels opens Florida's first LNG fueling station.

Clean Energy Fuels opens Florida’s first LNG fueling station.

The company also disclosed deals in the transit and refuse sectors for CNG, “building on its portfolio of natural gas fuel customers across the country.”

Clean Energy (NASDAQ:CLNE) named UPS and Raven Transportation as LNG customers in Florida.

In CNG, Clean Energy reports a multi-year agreement to maintain four fueling stations it built for Dallas Area Rapid Transit in 2012. DART is deploying 580 CNG buses, Clean Energy said, adding, “Once fully deployed, these vehicles are forecasted to use approximately seven million gasoline gallon equivalents per year.”

Smithtown Renewal: Seven More Years,
More Carters Comfortable with CNG Fuel

In CNG for refuse, Clean Energy reports renewal, for seven more years, of a natural gas supply contact with Smithtown, N. Y. “In 2006,” Clean Energy says, “Smithtown became the first community on the East Coast to require all residential refuse and recycling contractors to use natural gas powered trucks.

'The Smithtown Clean Fleet'

‘The Smithtown Clean Fleet’

“As a result, four private collection contractors operating on behalf of Smithtown and the Town’s own municipal vehicle fleet began fueling with Clean Energy.

“The 25 compressed natural gas vehicles serving Smithtown are expected to consume approximately 250,000 GGEs of CNG per year.”

“Making the switch to natural gas has proven to be a smart investment from both an economic and environmental perspective,” Smithtown environmental protection director Russ Barnett says in the announcement.

Smithtown is “one of the first communities nationwide to do a ‘second generation’ CNG mandate,” Barnet says.

This past summer’s re-bid process, he told F&F, resulted in “more competition for the work because there are more carting firms comfortable with using CNG” – 13 firms vied for a Smithtown contract.

“We did a new seven year deal with fixed fuel prices and our cost of refuse collection dropped,” he adds. “We have four carting firms serving the town using Autocars (including some of the new medium duty CNG Xperts), Crane Carriers and Kenworths.”

‘A Welcome Way to Kick Off 2014,’ Says Littlefair

“We’ve begun the year with important expansions in our nationwide network including the opening of the first LNG station in Florida,” Clean Energy Fuels president and CEO Andrew Littlefair says in his company’s release.

“Florida has taken several steps to support the adoption of natural gas vehicles and we’re expanding the necessary infrastructure accordingly to support this forward-looking state,” Littlefair said. “Heavy-duty truck fleets have also begun filling up at our Pontoon Beach, Ill., and Fontana, Calif., stations as the heavy-duty trucking segment continues its transition to natural gas across the country.

“The New Year also saw longtime customers such as DART and the city of Smithtown sign new fueling contracts with Clean Energy, which is a welcome way to kick off 2014.”

Jim Harger is chief marketing officer at Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ:CLNE).

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Source: Clean Energy Fuels with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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