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Love’s Is Adding CNG in Amarillo

January 8, 2014 in CNG, Infrastructure by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

‘Economic Edge Creates an Incentive for Fleets’

Love’s Travel Stops is augmenting its budding network of fast-fill compressed natural gas fueling stations on interstate highways with a new outlet in Amarillo, Texas, serving I-40 traffic at exit 74.

Expect to see more Love's location equipped with CNG fueling.

Expect to see more Love’s location equipped with CNG fueling.

“Professional drivers filling up with CNG see a two dollar savings per gallon-equivalent over diesel,” Love’s fleet sales director Jon Archard said in a release. “That economic edge creates an incentive for fleets to look into the viability of fast-fill CNG.”

The Amarillo station brings Love’s Oklahoma-Texas total to 11. All-told, Love’s has more than 300 locations in 39 states. Based on proximity to pipeline gas, the company reckons that more than 90% of its stores could host CNG fueling (F&F, November 25).

Walking the Walk

Love’s Gemini Transport unit, which hauls liquid fuels to the stations, is adding five more CNG trucks to an existing CNG fleet of 25 Freightliner and 25 Peterbilt vehicles.

There is natural gas pipeline service to support CNG fueling at more than 90% of Love's 300-plus locations in 39 states.

There is natural gas pipeline service to support CNG fueling at more than 90% of Love’s 300-plus locations in 39 states.

“By introducing CNG into our private truck fleet, Gemini Motor Transport, Love’s is better able to anticipate our customer’s fueling needs,” Archard said. “We know solutions that work for our fleet can work for our customer as well.”

Love’s CNG stations are designed to deliver a fill rate of at least 10 gallons per minute in all lanes, the firm says, “meaning a driver can fill a 100 gallon-equivalent tank in 10 minutes or less.” As is the case at its other Texas fast-fill locations, Love’s is installing an ANGI Energy station with Ariel compression in Amarillo.

Dillon in Amarillo

Love’s names Dillon Transport as a CNG customer in Amarillo.

“Our fleet will operate ten CNG trucks,” Dillon VP Charles Musgrove says in the Love’s Amarillo announcement. “We are committed to natural gas as a transport fuel and look forward to fielding more CNG units over the next two quarters in Texas.” Dillon has more than 400 trucks and 700 trailers, Love’s says.

Love’s says it will offer in-lane, fast-fill CNG at the following locations by the second quarter:

  • Amarillo – I-40, Exit 74;
  • Dallas – I-35/I-20, Exit 466;
  • Fort Worth – I-35 West, Exit 40;
  • Houston – 610 Loop, Exit 24A;
  • Katy – I-10, Exit 737;
  • Oklahoma City – I-40, Exit 140;
  • Oklahoma City – I-40, Exit 166;
  • Rockwall – I-30, Exit 283;
  • San Antonio – I-35, Exit 144;
  • Seguin – I-10, Exit 604; and
  • Willis – I-45, Exit 95.

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Source: Love’s Travel Stops with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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