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Love’s CNG for the Texas Triangle

February 23, 2014 in CNG by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

‘First of Ten Stations to Open in This Phase of the Company’s Plan,’
Customers Including Dart Transit to Participate in a March 4 Event

Love’s Travel Stops has opened a Fast-Fill CNG station for trucks in Willis, Texas, its first Texas Triangle location. “It’s the first of ten stations to open in this phase of the company’s plan to offer Love’s Fast-Fill CNG at more of its travel stops across the nation,” states a release.

Love's is developing a national network of CNG fueling stations for heavy duty natural gas vehicles.

Love’s is developing a national network of CNG fueling stations for heavy duty natural gas vehicles.

“Willis is in a location that’s heavily traveled by professional fleets and light-duty vehicles,” Love’s natural gas GM Bill Cashmareck says in the Willis announcement. “It’s the first station completed in the Texas Triangle,” he said, “designed to make travel between Houston, Dallas and San Antonio using CNG feasible.

“We will open several more Love’s Fast-Fill CNG locations in additional areas to complete the triangle,” Cashmareck said.

Love's CNG fueling in Willis, Texas

Love’s CNG fueling in Willis, Texas

Love’s recently disclosed plans for a station in Ohio (F&F, January 25), and has gotten support from the state of Pennsylvania for three compressed natural gas fueling stations there (F&F, February 1).

$1.99 per GGE in Willis

CNG is available for $1.99 per gasoline gallon equivalent in Willis, the company said, noting that it will stage an opening event on Tuesday, March 4, “involving customers who are on the cutting edge of alternative fuels and excited to use the station, such as Dart Transit Company.”

Love’s says that its Fast-Fill CNG “gives professional drivers a similar experience to filling up with Love’s diesel or DEF. Love’s CNG stations are designed to deliver a fill rate of greater than 10 gallons per minute in all lanes, meaning a driver can fill a 100 gallon equivalent tank in 10 minutes or less.”

Love’s says it will provide Fast-Fill CNG by the end of 2014 at

  • Ft. Worth – I-35 W, Exit 40;
  • Dallas – I-35/I-20, Exit 466;
  • Rockwall – I-30, Exit 283;
  • Houston – 610 Loop, Exit 24A;
  • Katy – I-10, Exit 737;
  • San Antonio – I-35, Exit 144;
  • Seguin – I-10, Exit 604;
  • Amarillo – I-40, Exit 74;
  • Oklahoma City – I-40, Exit 140;
  • Oklahoma City – I-40, Exit 166; and
  • Burbank, Ohio – I-71, Exit 2014.

The new Willis station is on I-45, Exit 95.

Love’s favors ANGI Energy stations with Ariel compressors.

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 Source: Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores with Fleets & Fuels follow-up




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