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CNG Freightliners for Bay & Bay – 100?

March 14, 2014 in CNG, Fleet Order, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Minnesota Bulk Hauler Is Starting Out with Two CNG Cascadias,
‘Every Customer Wants to Know What’s Going on with Natural Gas’

Rosemount, Minn.-based Bay & Bay Transportation is talking up deployment last month of two new Freightliner tractors with the new 11.9-liter ISX12 G engine from Cummins Westport. Company president Sam Anderson says that 10% to 20% of his 500-truck fleet may eventually be natural gas-fueled. updated March 17

Bay & Bay has added two CNG-fueled Freightliner tractors with the ISX12 G engine from Cummins Westport.

Bay & Bay has added two Freightliner Cascadia tractors with the ISX12 G engine from Cummins Westport and CNG fuel cylinder arrays from Agility Fuel Systems.

The CNG trucks “will run 22 hours a day, seven days a week to speed up data results and ROI,” Bay & Bay says. They’ll carry heavy loads on dedicated short-haul routes in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The new engine, the firm says, provides “power to move the freight loads common to heavy bulk trucking.” Bay & Bay says it’s one of few Class 8 “pre-early adopters” investing in expensive, alternative fuels technology.

‘Many Benefits’

“We’re definitely a pre-early adopter of the alternative fuels technology,” president and CEO Sam Anderson says in a release. “Every customer we have wants to know what’s going on with natural gas,” he said.

The new Freightliners “will generate metrics specific to the company’s environment and routes,” Bay & Bay says, noting that “long term, Anderson sees the technology working in 10 to 20% of its fleet, with many benefits.”

Bay & Bay notes that the CNG trucks cost about half again as much as a comparable diesel.

“These trucks have as much torque and hauling capacity as their diesel equivalent, but with lower fuel costs, lower carbon emissions and higher driver satisfaction,” Anderson said. “We’re especially proud of lowering our carbon footprint. These trucks are another step in our efforts to be mindful of the environment.”

Agility CNG Cylinder Arrays

With capacity for 140 DGEs/diesel gallon equivalent in compressed natural gas cylinder arrays by Agility Fuel Systems, the vehicles can travel 450 miles or more between fuelings.

The two CNG trucks were purchased through I-State Freightliner in Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

Anderson hopes to begin sharing performance data publically as early as April, Bay & Bay says.

Bay & Bay was founded in 1941.

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Source: Bay & Bay with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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