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Crazy Diamond Torque for Trucks

March 25, 2014 in CNG, New Products, Propane by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Preparing a Supercharged 7.4-Liter Engine to Compete with Diesels

Michigan’s Crazy Diamond Performance is preparing a 7.4-liter, supercharged gaseous fuel engine to complement its naturally aspirated Torquemaster 6.9-liter product. Both are capable of running on natural gas or propane autogas.

The 6.9-liter Torquemaster engine by Crazy Diamond Performance is designed for CNG or propane autogas operation.

The 6.9-liter Torquemaster engine by Crazy Diamond Performance is designed for CNG or propane autogas operation.

“The engine is based on the GM LS engine architecture, which has small footprint in terms of size, but don’t let the size of the engine fool you,” Crazy Diamond president Kevin Fern says in a release.

His firm is known for premium hot rod replicas and conversions, and is taking its technology to the Class 6 truck and bus sector.

“The engines will fit a niche where the 6.0-liter GM and Ford 6.8-liter aren’t quite suited and the larger diesel engines are too much,” Fern told F&F.

High-End for Higher Torque

“The Torquemaster 6.9L has performed very well under our initial chassis testing, producing over 375 horsepower and 500 foot-pounds torque, where maximum torque is generated at 2400 RPM, Fern says in the Crazy Diamond announcement.

“The 7.4L low-boost version is expected to generate north of 650 foot-pounds,” he says.

'GEM' engine management harness/system

‘GEM’ engine management harness/system

Fern notes further than the engines are controlled via a proprietary “GEM” engine management harness/system, utilizing an E-38 processor designed to be EMD+ and/or OBD compatible.

Fourth Quarter for 7.4-Liter Testing

“The 7.4L engine is a dual injector application, which is a bit different to what’s in the market currently,” Fern says. Internal engine components include forged crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons. Compression ratio is 10.2:1.

“The camshaft is a proprietary design, maximizing engine efficiency and performance in this low boost CNG application,” the company says. “The cylinder heads include lightweight stainless valves and hardened valve seats and are secured with six torque-to-spec bolts per cylinder.”

Testing of the new 7.4-liter engine is to commence in the fourth quarter.

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Source: Crazy Diamond Performance with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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