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Love’s Fast-Fill CNG Demo in Texas

March 9, 2014 in CNG, Infrastructure by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

85 Diesel Gallon Equivalents in Just Five and a Half Minutes

Love’s Travel Stops, which is committed to compressed natural gas for over-the-road trucks, demonstrated its “Fast Fill CNG” at the grand opening of its new outlet in Willis, Texas.

Love's Travel Stops is committed to CNG for over-the-road trucks.

Love’s Travel Stops is committed to CNG for over-the-road trucks.

A CNG-fueled truck operated by Dart Transit took on 85 diesel gallon equivalents of CNG in 5.5 minutes –15.5 gallons per minute.

Love’s also showed CNG fueling of a Peterbilt tractor operated by its Gemini unit – which delivers conventional liquid fuels to Love’s Travel Stops, and does so today using CNG.

It’s a further evolution of a fueling infrastructure that’s been in development for more than a century, Love’s natural gas GM Bill Cashmareck said in a release.


“We’re taking a domestically produced energy and we’re putting it into an American manufactured engine and into American made trucks,” he said.

“It’s fitting that we’re opening CNG during a week where diesel averages are just over $4 per gallon across the country, and Love’s is opening a CNG station for $1.99 per gallon.”

Both the Dart and Love’s-Gemini trucks at Willis had CNG fuel tank assemblies by Agility Fuel Systems.

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Source: Love’s Travel Stops with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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