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Luxfer-GTM for New CNG Fuelers

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 GTM1350-R Can Be Towed by a Pickup, G-Pak Carried on One

The Luxfer-GTM Technologies joint venture is getting ready for the first public display of new mobile fueling units for compressed natural gas. The GTM1350-R and G-Pak both employ aluminum-lined, G-Stor Pro brand Type III CNG cylinders from Luxfer, packaged and plumbed by San Francisco-based GTM in Tulsa.

GTM1350-R and G-Pak from Luxfer-GTM Technologies

GTM1350-R and G-Pak from Luxfer-GTM Technologies

The new CNG delivery products will be unveiled in less than two weeks at the ACT Expo show in Southern California.

The GTM1350-R has a CNG capacity of 46,000 standard cubic feet of fuel, approximately 335 DGE (diesel gallon equivalents). It has an onboard booster pump and dispenser, all on a compact trailer that can be towed by a standard, three-quarter-ton pick-up truck.

The pump can be powered by either compressed air (100 psig) “or from the pneumatic energy stored in an isolated grouping of cylinders within the trailer,” GTM says, “providing users the ability to fill vehicles without the need for external power.”

The GTM1350 Can Gather Gas Too

“We designed the GTM1350 to keep pace with the varying and growing requirements of CNG users in an innovative way,” GTM Technologies president Michael Koonce says in the new product release. “There is nothing on the market today that can carry this much CNG behind a pick-up truck while dispensing high pressure CNG.”

The GTM1350-R is fitted with a proprietary glass-bulb PRD (pressure relief device) system. It has half-inch full-flow ball valves on each cylinder. The result is fast filling and fast discharging (as much as to 75,000 scf per hour) – “unmatched,” says GTM, by traditional steel or Type IV all-composite tube trailers. Standard equipment includes NGV1 and NGV2 filling receptacles on a separate panel allowing customers to fill the trailer at conventional CNG fueling stations.

An optional plumbing panel allows users to reverse the gas flow and fill the GTM1350 with gas recovered from stranded wells, flare gas sources, and landfills.

A G-Pak Variant for Hydrogen

The Luxfer-GTM Technologies G-Pak uses similar technology for a package that can be carried on a pickup truck. G-Pak variants are offered for both CNG and hydrogen fuel.

“The G-Pak series of gas storage systems is a first for the industry, permitting easy transport of high volumes of CNG in a standard pick-up without the need for hazmat endorsed drivers,” said GTM chief Koonce.

The CNG capacity of the G-Pak 3 is 21 DGE at 3,600 psi. Hydrogen capacity is 6.3 kilograms at 5,000 psi.

ACT Expo May 5-8

GTM’s gas transport product line, employing Luxfer CNG tanks, ranges from the new G-Pak series up to 50-foot big-rig transports. The Luxfer-GTM Technologies venture was formed in January 2013.

The Alternative Clean Technology Expo & Conference takes place May 5-8 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif. It is co-located with NGV Global 2014, the world natural gas vehicles meeting.

ACT Expo is organized by Fleets & Fuels publisher GNA – Gladstein, Neandross & Associates.

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Source: Luxfer-GTM Technologies with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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