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Stirk CNG Helps Fleets in Lincoln

April 15, 2014 in CNG, Fleet Order, Infrastructure, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Uribe Refuse Trucks and StarTran Buses Getting Started

Most of the lightweight Type IV compressed natural gas fuel cylinders in use in America are made in Lincoln, Neb. by Hexagon Lincoln, and now Stirk CNG, in partnership with Sapp Brothers, is helping convince fleet operators there to make use of the clean fuel too.

Nebraska's first dedicated-CNG refuse truck is operated by Uribe Refuse in Lincoln.

Nebraska’s first dedicated-CNG refuse truck is operated by Uribe Refuse in Lincoln.

The Black Hills Energy utility and Lincoln’s Uribe Refuse are talking up Nebraska’s first dedicated-CNG refuse truck, a Cummins Westport ISL G-powered Mack with a McNeilus body – and Hexagon Lincoln fuel cylinders. Black Hills says that Uribe will use the truck on its heaviest routes for optimal cost savings, and that the company “plans to convert its 17 other trucks to natural gas over the next few years.”

“We’re proud to have the first refuse truck fueled exclusively by natural gas in the entire state of Nebraska,” Uribe VP Nick Crow said in a release, “as we do our best to improve and propel our local industry into the future.”

‘A Practical and Cost-Effective Choice’

“NGV technology has developed to a point where converting is a practical and cost-effective choice,” Paul Cammack, an NGV expert with natural gas utility Black Hills Energy, says in the Uribe announcement.

Uribe’s older trucks are Freightliners, and are to be converted to CNG-diesel dual fuel operation, VP Nick Crow told F&F.

Stirk CNG is helping fleets in Lincoln, Neb. make the switch.

Stirk CNG and Sapp Brothers are helping fleets in Lincoln, Neb. make the switch.

Separately, Lincoln’s StarTran has ordered five 35-foot CNG-fueled New Flyer buses – with Hexagon Lincoln fuel cylinders – which are to be delivered in June to enter service this summer. The agency intends to order eight more, as well as 11 paratransit vehicles to be CNG-fueled. When all 24 are in service, nearly a third of StarTran’s 75-vehicle fleet will be CNG-fueled, confirms manager Mike Davis.

Stirk Plans More

StarTran plans to introduce a new color scheme and logo when the CNG New Flyers arrive.

Uribe and StarTran are taking advantage of the new Sapp-hosted Stirk CNG station in Lincoln (F&F, October 7). Two FedEx Ground contractors in Lincoln are beginning to switch to CNG-gasoline bi-fuel operation too, says Stirk sales manager Mike Hoelscher.

Stirk is close to announcing a second station in Nebraska, and has projects in the works in Iowa and Colorado, Hoelscher says. He notes that Sapp Brothers has nearly two dozen travel stop locations.

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Source: Black Hills Energy with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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