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Want an Official DGE? Be Heard!

April 26, 2014 in CNG, LNG, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

NGVAmerica Urges Action on Upcoming Equivalent Vote

NGVAmerica is reminding members – and the rest of the natural gas vehicles industry – that several key steps remain before the DGE – diesel gallon equivalent – is established as an official unit of measure.

The natural gas vehicles industry wants to allow buyers to make this easy comparson for diesel too.

The natural gas vehicles industry wants to allow buyers to make this easy comparison for LNG-vs-diesel too.

National Conference of Weights and Measures approval paves the way for natural gas – especially liquefied natural gas – to be promoted and sold on a DGE basis. NGVAmerica notes that today’s GGE/gasoline gallon equivalent for compressed natural gas sales has made it easy to compare CNG and gasoline since 1994.

A key vote on the new DGE is slated for the NCWM annual meeting in Detroit in July (F&F, March 21). Before then, however, May meetings of the Northeastern and Central Weights and Measures Associations could affect the outcome.

‘We Need 27 States’

“We are not out of the woods yet!” NGVAmerica says. “There are still some state regulators who do not favor adoption of the DGE standard. We need 27 states to vote in favor of the proposal this summer. And we need to make sure the proposal is not amended to include requirements that we do not support.”

The Northeastern Weights and Measures meeting is being held May 5–8 in Manchester, N.H. and the Central Weights and Measures meeting exactly two weeks later, May 19–22 in St. Louis. NGVAmerica is urging members to attend if they can, and to communicate with undecided officials.

“People buy natural gas as a competitor to gasoline and diesel,” says NGVAmerica president Rich Kolodziej. “If suddenly we have to sell it in kilograms, it’s totally confusing,” he told F&F.

‘Units That Make Sense’

“Our proposal allows people to sell it in units that make sense to customers.”

The existing GGE standard, NGVAmerica says, “has benefited consumers and industry alike because it provides a common unit for comparing the average energy in CNG to the average energy in a gasoline gallon.

“It also provides a ready means of informing consumers as to the relative economic cost of natural gas compared to gasoline. All of the retail pumps used today in the U.S. use the GGE unit for dispensing CNG and all retail stations price CNG in GGE units. Moreover, many states increasingly are using the GGE as the most appropriate unit for taxing CNG.

‘The Only Rational Way’

“The natural gas industry,” the NGVAmerica communiqué continues, “has requested that NCWM adopt a DGE unit for CNG and LNG that is sold to truckers and other users who typically use diesel fuel. From the purchaser’s perspective, the pump display and readings would show the number of DGE units dispensed and information would be provided on the pump to show how natural gas is converted to DGE units.

“We think that this is the only rational way to offer CNG and LNG when sold to truck operators,” the association says. “LNG would only be sold in DGE units since LNG is expected to be used exclusively as a heavy duty vehicle fuel. CNG would be dispensed in GGE units at retail outlets serving the general public and would be sold in DGE units on pumps selling to trucks and heavy duty vehicles.”

“Development of a weights and measures standard for a DGE of natural gas will complement the effort made 20 years ago to create the GGE standard.”

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Source: NGVAmerica with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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